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12 principles of animation staging | Bread Market Cafe

12 principles of animation staging

12 principles of animation staging

And they very much apply to the animations done in Clip Studio Paint, as the program is more suited toward an “old-school hand drawn” approach, but with the drawing being done on the computer! When you have good staging, the audience knows where to look and what is of greatest importance in the scene. To have good staging, you should keep the focus on what is relevant and avoid unnecessary details. When a character turns their head, their hair will move in the secondary action. George's work from his freshman year shows how several principles work in one video. We can use this same example to explain overlapping action! When an artist has a solid drawing, their characters will still be recognizable no matter what angle they are shown at, and no matter the amount of squash and stretch or exaggeration applied to them. At this point in the story she is communicating important information about the Empire and about her character. for a short video of each principle! Showcase your work. In straight-ahead animation, each drawing is completed in sequence with the first frame being drawn, then the second, then the third, and so-on until the animation is completed. Especially secondary action, timing and exaggeration. Want to learn from professional animators? Let’s imagine an example of bad staging, your scene shows someone in the foreground of a living room. I had a professor in college who made us take a test at the start of every animation class on the 12 Principles, and we continued this until every person in the class got them all correct! ), which is something still done in the animation industry today! (For instance, a ball thrown under-hand would travel in a arc upward and then down, but a fastball thrown by a professional baseball player would travel in a straighter line because of its speed.) So what are the 12 Principles of Animation? Experience is the best teacher. If the length of a ball is stretched vertical… This alone, is what makes staging so difficult to explain. #1, Tips/Tutorials The goal of staging is always going to be same: lead your viewer to where you want them to focus their attention so that your idea presented clearly. When going for a more realistic look, don’t let the volume of your object change even when it is squashed and stretched. You could cut to a wider shot showing all the action happening in one shot. d.id=a,e=c.getElementsByTagName("body")[0],e.appendChild(d))}) When I got to college, I’d been animating, mostly self-taught, since I was a kid. All rights reserved. The key is making an idea clear to the viewer. But in the bottom example, the ball is stretched as it heads down toward the ground - giving the illusion of fast movement and motion blur - and then squashed when it hits the ground to give the illusion that the ball is flexible. Gallery: Animation Sample: Principles of Animation Sample Work, Professional Development and Continuing Education, Graduate School of Arts & Social Sciences. For instance, likable characters can have a symmetrical and child-like face. This principle can be applied to characters moving between poses, or to inanimate objects like a bouncing ball or a box being pushed. 12 Principles of Animation (Official Full Series) - YouTube She is also dressed in white, while being surrounded by orange and framed by the 2 foreground pilots. However, when animating this small exaggeration is needed to make the motion “read” correctly in the viewer’s brain. Correct timing makes objects look like they have weight and presence.

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