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1931 hurricane season | Bread Market Cafe

1931 hurricane season

1931 hurricane season

At St. George's Caye, many structures were washed away by abnormally high tides and storm surge. The first ship to identify the storm clearly was the tanker Geo H. Jones, which recorded strong winds in conjunction with rapidly decreasing barometric pressures late on 7 September. It steadily intensified, and the system was upgraded to hurricane strength on November 1 as it headed southwest into the Caribbean. Moving slowly northeast, the system became a tropical storm the next day and gradually strengthened before making landfall on Hispaniola with winds of 50 miles per hour (80 km/h) on May 7. [9], Storm surge, abnormally high tides, and strong winds resulted in severe damage and many deaths in Belize City. Official warning on the storm began just four hours prior to the storm's landfall, and many people evacuating inland were forced to abandon their cars in high winds and heavy rains. [12] A tornado was reported in West Baton Rouge Parish, blowing down sugarcane along a path 8 mi (13 km) long. [8] Effects of the hurricane in the United States were much less severe, due to the distance of the hurricane. [2], It is estimated that at 18:00 UTC on 8 September, the tropical storm attained hurricane intensity. The Government of British Honduras eventually began burning areas with debris and bodies, to prevent spread of disease. 1931 . [17] Monrad Metzgen, a lieutenant of the British Honduras Defense Force, became responsible for the rescue of persons trapped, feeding those without shelter, and the burial of the deceased. At the time, a warm front and cold front were connected to the system, but further observations revealed minimal temperature deviations. As it moved towards the north,[3] the system slowly intensified to an estimated peak intensity of 70 mph (110 km/h) at 0600 UTC on October 19, as suggested by a nearby ship that also reported 70 mph (110 km/h) winds. [2][9] The hurricane slightly weakened over the island, and after crossing the Mona Passage, made a second landfall in southern areas of the Dominican Republic as a Category 2 hurricane. It was upgraded to Category 2 status on November 3 with winds of 100 mph (160 km/h). [13] The USS Swan (AM-34), stationed at nearby Trujillo, Honduras, was dispatched to send aid to British Honduras. [19], Authorities of Belize City considered abandoning the community and moving it to higher ground. [4] As the storm remained west-northwest bound across the Caribbean,[5] more ships were able to record data on the cyclone. [2] On September 20, the storm began to move towards the southwest. The storm strengthened into a major hurricane on November 4, and continued to intensify, peaking as an intense Category 5 hurricane with a central pressure at or below 915 mb (27.02 inHg) on November 5 in the western Caribbean. [6] It is widely believed that the hurricane struck without any warning, although some recent historians have disputed this. [2] Electric power in the city was also disabled, and some buildings suffered structural damage, totaling to $8,000 in damages. It is the deadliest hurricane to hit Belize in recorded history. However, strong gales still swept through much of New England. This list was used again in 1935. This one was a strong Category 3 hurricane that caused severe devastation in Belize, killing approximately 2,500 people. [4][5] 40 people were killed by the hurricane. A barometer in the city recorded a minimum pressure of 952 mbar (hPa; 28.12 mbar); this was the lowest barometric pressure measured in association with the storm.

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