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akg p170 vs shure sm81 | Bread Market Cafe

akg p170 vs shure sm81

akg p170 vs shure sm81

For a condenser microphone, the SM81 is considered to be the industry standard. One thing to note is the mic’s heaviness, so make sure the mic stand is properly balanced before recording. I also have a Neumann U87 and sometimes I prefer the sound of the TLM103 to the U87 which costs 4x as much! Sometimes the sound swims too much, and i just prefer one LDC. The big downside is that the high end and low end are a bit too rolled off, so it doesn’t offer a wide range of frequencies. The newer C451B, released in 2001, follows that heritage with a redesigned hand-crafted capsule and low-noise preamp electronics. You’ll find other sellers than Amazon under the “New” section (ex: “9 New from $399.00”). The original won an EM Editors’ Choice Award in 2004, as well as an award for the world’s quietest studio condenser microphone, with only 5 dB of self-noise! They are the large mics you always see in pictures of someone singing front of a mic. It includes a -10dB switch to roll off some loudness. These work well as a room mic in addition to a mic pointing directly at your guitar. You need to keep in mind that the mic doesn’t feature an internal shock mount and you shouldn’t hold it in your hands. But you pay extra for the extra quality. It’s made by Shure, a company that makes some of the best mics around. Check out this Beta 181 review with sound examples. Its deep bass response and low noise are perfect for capturing electric and acoustic guitars, drum overheads, percussion, piano, horns, strings and more. By continuing to checkout you understand and agree to our Terms of Sale, Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The original AKG C451 became a best-seller not long after it was brought to market in 1969. You can switch on the -15dB pad and/or the high-pass filter for a more exact sound. wait...the shure sm58 is actually the shure sm57 with a ball on the end? If you need a refresher on the parts of the guitar, Cardioid, omnidirectional, or figure 8 recording pattern. ⚠ WARNING : Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. These low-end frequencies are especially the problems when you are recording instruments like percussion or cymbals. Neumann has been a premier microphone manufacturer for over 80 years, and their mics are found in virtually every recording studio throughout the world. Check out the Audio-Technica 40 Series Microphones – Listen for yourself! Want a chance to enter our monthly giveaway? Already have an account? As far as I know, SHURE doesn't offer matched pairs of SM81's but from what I've read, the SM81's would probably come out on top in a poll. At 154 dB maximum SPL, it can serve as an excellent mic for guitar cabinets or drums without distortion issues. I’ve found it excels on vocals and acoustic guitar but it’s also an excellent close-up mic for winds, strings, percussion and drum overheads. You can change it from omni to cardioid to figure-8, which is something rarely seen on other mics. If you want to focus on the sound source, this mic will prove to be a great choice. The result is that the NTK combines the best of old-school tube warmth with a clean transparent sound, wide dynamic range, and low noise. by Michael Benghiat | Microphones | 0 comments. The knob that is right in the center of the mic’s body is its response sector for the low frequencies. We noticed that you already have spare parts in your cart. When using one mic on an acoustic guitar, you typically want to point it right around the 12th fret about 6-12 inches away from your guitar. Win anything from speakers, headphones and soundbars, no catch! This boost adds some additional brightness and presence which helps cuts through a mix nicely. We are going to find everything in this in-depth Shure SM81 Microphone review. However, large-diaphragm mics are often known to deliver a rich and vibrant sound — something that sounds “larger than life.”. The winner, if we had to pick one, is the Shure SM81.

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