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automatic day night light switch circuit | Bread Market Cafe

automatic day night light switch circuit

automatic day night light switch circuit

I've check it again, I've missed to place the 1K resistor on the base, And it work fine just getting warm. The first transistor is wired up as a comparator, which compares the potential difference across the variable resistor and conducts when the voltage across it rises to saturation levels. LDR darkness sensor. 10k preset is for setting the LED ON/OFF threshold. Nothing is “worst” in electronics. Automatic Night Light: In our busy life, many of us forget to switch off the light morning. I add 39V MoV between + and – of the bridge.am using 2caps (1,8uf & 2.2uf all 400V)at the same point of MOV. The key component of the day night triggered triac switch circuit is a LDR photoresistor of sensitive resistance, resistance in Quebec may differ its resistance According to the strength of the light it obtains, it possesses a resistance of 200 ohms at nighttime and during daylight a few thousand Ohms. Sir what is 10 k present? In case of this automatic LED night light switch, we should save energy so I design this with main parts below: LDR or photoresistor is used for sensor light-activated. In this post we learn how to make a transformerless automatic darkness activated LED lamp circuit, using a couple of transistors and capacitive based power supply, eliminating the use of any bulky transformer. hi wat is the watts of resistorskindly helpdr yudhvir singhyudhvir0039@gmail.com, all are 1/4 watt rated except the 10 ohms, please use a 0.47/400V instead of the shown105/400V at the input for a reduced safe current. is there any small circuit to use for this purpose? Although the concept may look pretty familiar and common, the main feature of the circuit is its low current consumption and compactness. ,base of 2nd bc547. The use of LEDs in place of a filament bulb makes the application very power economic and efficient. i m using 6v or 12v relay does i need current limiting resistance to prevent excessive current flow and heat through 2nd bc547 if yes than wht will be rating of R to be used? A CMOS Digital-IC No.CD4069 is a inverter gate every useful and cheap. sir is there any alternative to 10 k preset because i dont have it but i have 10 k resistor and 200k vari pot. Am using 105uf mains dropper cap. If yes what will be the pin configuration? Is this electrolyte capacitor? Intruder Position Indicator Security Circuit, Differential Temperature Detector/Controller Circuit, Voltage Divider Calculator Software – Potential Divider Calculator. Syed, actually MOVs are identified with their max voltage rating while NTCS are specified with resistance value at normal temperature. Please share it. You are explaining and teaching us. But the Lamp flickering problem is not solved. The LEDs light up again and remain switched ON until the day beaks and the ambient light over the LDR reaches the set high threshold level. Please try to remodel ur circuit diagram with cool brain. The following figure shows a simple LED automatic day, night lamp circuit. Am using 2 string with 12LED on each.My question is the LED gets extremely hot when the day come and mulfunctioning occure, why is that happen..? All resistors are 1/4 watt rated, preset is normal type. okk sir can u tell me wht is use of presetQ1. you can try the last circuit from the following article, https://www.homemade-circuits.com/how-to-make-light-activated-day-night/. Syed, the black band side terminal will connect with the positive rail, and the other with the negative rail. Your email address will not be published. A circuit will need to be tweaked and fine-tuned to make it work accurately. I have developed ur 2nd one circuit successfully but one problem is exists. The LDR must be positioned such that the light from the LED does not fall on it, only the ambient light which is to be sensed is required to reach the LDR. What is the value of ntc? First try it with a 12V AC/DC adapter, once confirmed then you can replace it with a caapcitive power supply. Voltage drop across the 330Ω resistor is I x R = 5.16V, plus the 15V across the 5 LEDs, the total voltage drop is 20-21V that matches the measurement of Riccardo. The associated LED lights connected to the collector of the second transistor are also immediately switched OFF. Please give me any solution of it. Dear Sir, I'm a computer engg and interested in Electronic circuits. Sir mov ki koi value hoti hay kia ya 1 hi value ka hota hay? I have developed the last one circuit but the response is poor than 2nd one. Increase the value 1K at the base of the same transistor to 22K or 33K, simultaneously you can also try increasing the 100uF to 220uF or 470uF…make sure the lamp light does not reach the LDR, otherwise the lamp will keep flickering forever. There is no 555ic circuit diagram. Your problem will be solved, correction: add the capacitor between its base and ground line, not emitter. The proposed transformerless automatic day night LED lamp circuit may be understood through the following points: The input 220 V mains suply is applied across the 10 Ohm resistor and the other neutral point. It is cheap and easy to use. 3) relay will not with the shown 0.22uF capacitor, you may have to use a 105/400V cap instead…and use only 12V 400 ohm relay with this, 6V will not work. This transformerless solid-state automatic night lamp operates without using bulky transformer, and automatically switches ON some LEDs during night, and switches them OFF during day. Hi did u develop better circuit for overcome flicking issue of lamp? I will make the exact same circuit and show you how to do it soon…, By the way the lamp will flicker a bit during twilight with a triac, because it is simple transistor based circuit, you may have to use a relay based circuit or a IC 555 based circuit, to get a perfect ON/OFF switching. it's identified by its clamping voltage value, or the voltage at which it is supposed to activate and conduct. If you have any circuit related query, you may interact through comments, I'll be most happy to help! , you can use this for Automatic light switch for Street Light . Gurmel, you can probably use a TDA7052 IC circuit or any similar circuit for the amplification. Required fields are marked *. and make sure to use a 15V 1 watt zener after the bridge. I just add 100uf/25v electrolyte capacitor one end in the base of the right side of bc 547 transistor and other end connect in the negative of 1000uf/25v capacitor.

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