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benefits of reading books pdf

benefits of reading books pdf

This leads to…. It’s not surprising that as the amount of time people spend on activities such as browsing social media and playing online video games increases, the amount of time people spend reading books decreases. It just shows that you have accepted the fact that you don’t know everything. One study found that even when other factors are controlled, such as age, race, socioeconomic status, sex, self-reported health, depression, marital staus, and education level, people who read for up to 3.5 hours a week were 17% less likely to die from all causes in a 12 year follow-up period. Here are 10 most effective ways to deliver corporate training. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. And in this silence, your brain becomes open and accepting. Every time you learn something new from a book, you are reminded of how limited your scope of knowledge is. Reading later in life can provide you with a solid support system when it may be needed the most, and an overall better quality of life. In fact, reading can help you build up reserves in your brain connections, which can come in handy later in life when you start to lose brain cells. 3 0 obj It was clear from the review that reading is closely linked to increasing In fact, reading is free at the library! Here’sa video with an example of an ebook created with Kitaboo the digital publishing platform, with multimedia enhancements, several interactive elements and features like read aloud. It allows the user to store plenty of books on the device, way more than anyone can read in their lifetime. Consider this: people who are retired often lose a lot of their social connections. All of this to say that having a strong sense of imagination is important when your sense of logic on a subject is limited. However, reading is very important–even from a very early age. Your ability to remember things is among your brain's most important functions. You can get books for free at your local library or buy them at pre-owned bookstores for a fraction of the price of going to a movie. Here’s an exciting infographic showing 6 Reasons why Students Prefer Digital Content. The change of pace that you encounter when your brain transports itself into someone else’s world can be refreshing for people who are stressed out in their own lives. 7 Scientific Benefits of Reading Printed Books In recent years, print books have seen a resurgence, and for good reason—they can be better for your brain and health, according to science. Broadly similar results are observed for girls. You can read anywhere without bothering people around you, making it a perfect form of entertainment. When you read a book by choice, chances are that you picked it for its entertainment value. Reading allows you to make connections to your own experiences and emotions in order to become a better writer and a better communicator. Because of this, it is critical to regularly engage your mind through activities such as reading. This idea of reading increasing longevity has been further discussed in other studies that have found maintaining social connections is an important component to living a long life. It isn’t like a lecture: it’s like a conversation. 8 0 obj Reading can help fight symptoms of depression because the action of reading stimulates the limbic system, which is the part of your brain that is connected to your emotions. $.' You have to focus intently on the words in front of you when you’re reading, which is a small exercise that can play a role in improving your overall ability to focus. Blue light exposure delays your body’s internal clock and impacts your natural circadian rhythm. A single device is enough to read any number of books you want. Reading excites your imagination as you’re taken into another world only through descriptive words and your mind is forced to fill in the blanks. x��V�N�0}_i�a�J�؎�B��"��l��C Publishing is also one such industry which has entered the digital era to make reading more convenient for people. endobj | 6 Reasons You Should Go For ePUB over PDF | Let’s Compare, 2020 in Hindsight – Challenges Faced By Digital Publishers, How Can eTextbooks Help K-12 Publishers, Institutes & Students, The Advantages of DRM in the Publishing Industry. Here’s our list of 9 Best Cross-Platform eBook Readers. Having empathy also helps you regulate your own emotions, which is important because it allows you to manage your feelings, even when you are experiencing stress. One doesn’t have to worry about the storage limit. She holds a BS in Marketing and a Master’s Degree in Social Work. It saves a lot of space- in your home and in your bag. Printed books vs digital books is an age-old debate. If you have not experienced what someone else is going through, you have to use your imaginative skills to try to relate to them and show empathy. But, its quite the opposite. eBooks cost much less than printed books. endobj Your only role is to absorb the perspective of the writer or the characters in the book and keep your opinions or personal experiences to yourself. So often you hear people talking about the importance of getting physical exercise to improve the health of our bodies, but what about the most complex organ of all? ",#(7),01444'9=82. Even if you’re not reading a self-help book, reading can be a good source of motivation and inspiration. However, with just a little research, you can find some books that can be appropriate and helpful for your individual needs. Affiliate links are used on this site. Reading allows you to see things from other people’s perspectives. <> But print publishers are still standing strong despite the onslaught of digital devices and their seemingly growing popularity. In simple terms Extensive Reading is reading as many easy books as possible for pleasure, and can be contrasted with intensive reading which is slow, careful reading of a short, difficult text. endstream %���� As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Print books definitely have a traditional value to it, but eBooks are something which will completely transform the reading and learning experience in the near future. What do the characters look like? When you come across a word with which you’re unfamiliar as you’re reading a book, you’re likely to look up the meaning in order to contextualize the sentence.

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