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bhima and sina river sangam | Bread Market Cafe

bhima and sina river sangam

bhima and sina river sangam

The importance of bath in these Ashta Teertha can know from Shree Gurucharitra. Guru Charitra also known as Dattatreya Charitra calls this place as Nirvrutha Sangmam. ________________________________________. The course of the Bhima is dotted with a number of temples, most notably the Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga, located at the origin of the river in the Western Ghats. 6) Rudrapada Teerth : A Bath in this River is equivalent to a Bath in Gaya and Shraddha. Some devotees are taking bath everyday during their stay in Ganagapur and some are taking atleast one time bath during their yatra period. Shri Guru then takes them to the Following Teerthas in the Way to Ganagapur. This is one of the most popular visited Gangapur Dattatreya Temple Places near Gulbarga by the devotees. viz., Manmatha Teertha.There are also Temples of Lord Shani, Panchamukhi Ganesha, Navagraha,Maruti and Goddess Durga in the Premises. A Charity done here is equal to a Crore Charity. Shri Kshetra Ganagapur is a Holy Place of Lord Dattatreya and the place is very important “Darshaneeya kshetra”. The Sangam is present at the bordering area of Karnataka. Solapur (pop: 951,000), Pune – from tributaries (pop: 3.1 million). In shelter of Audumbar Tree many devotees perform the Parayan of Shree Gurucharitra (Reading of Shree Guru Charitra). Shri Guru sprinkled the holy water of his bowl on the log and instantly green foliage sprouted on the log. Sangam is like Prayaga. 5) Koti Teerth : A Bath in this Teerth is like taking bath in all the Teerth of Jambu Dweepa. with a Stick and therefore you are having Leprosy. Book Luxurious rooms in Sri kshetra Ganagapur Gulbarga. The Sangam is considered a very Holy place for dip by the Hindus. Bath in Ashta teertha’s on Naraka chathurdashi (in Diwali) day is very powerful. At one time, the river irrigated over 350,000 hectares, but today due to lack of irrigation water, lakhs of coconut trees in the area have gone dry and have been cut down. west of the town of Ahmednagar and the other near Jeur about 16 km. The Main Temple in Ganagapur where Shri Guru used to Stay is known as Nirguna Mutt. Even the sins and doshas will be removed by having bath in these Ashta teertha. It also generates about 150 MW of power, which are partly used to supply Mumbai’s power needs. Ganagapur Yatra Vidhi Krama Gulbarga which is popular daily Pooja performed at the temple. Shri Guru went to the Sangam to see the leper Brahmin. When it sprouts green foliage, your sins will be wiped off and you will be free from leprosy. This is very pure place (holistic) for the Hindus. The Vitthala temple in Pandharpur is an important pilgrimage spot, and is located along the river’s banks. bless me.’ Shri Guru gave him a dry log of Audumbar and said, `Go to the Sangam and plant it on the bank of Bhima in the east. Each shloka ends with “VANDAYAAMI NAARASIMHA SARASWATHEESHA PAAHIMAAM”. ________________________________________, Chintamani Ganapati He was pleased to see his devotion. This is the Temple of Lord Shri Kalleshwar (Shiva) which is quite famous in Ganagapur. Bhima - Sina Sangam 184 km; Confluence of Chitravathi & Maddhileru 222 km; Pennar - Papagni Confluence 251 km; Bhima Nira Sangam 289 km; Sangama: Cauvery - Arkavathi Rivers 459 km; Tapi-Purna River Confluence At Changdeo 540 km; Aram Girna Sangam 561 km Shri Guru Narasimha Saraswati Swamy confirmed the same and it can be seen in Gurucharitra Adhyay (chapter 21-22). I have visited several holy places but the disease is there, kindly You bathe in this Tirth daily and your disease will disappear.’ As advised, she bathed here for three days and her disease was wiped off. The districts of Pune, Satara, Sangli, Kolhapur and Solapur are also dependent on the river for drinking and agricultural purposes. There is an Assurance from Shreeguru that he would forever abide at Ganagapur and go round the village for ‘Biksha’ at 12:00 noon is literally true even today. Nirguna Mutt(Dattatraya Temple Ganagapur) The Siddhivinayak temple at Siddhatek is one of the Ashtavinayaka temples. 8) Manmath Teertha : This Teerth is in front of the Kalleshwara Mandir. 3) Bhagirathi (Varanasi) Teerth : The Bath in this Teerth is as holy as Bath in Manikarnika Kund at Kashi. The Kshetra Importance was explained by Shreeguru and it can be seen in “Shree Guru Charitra”. Sri Sangam where the Bhima merges with the Krishna is a sacred place where many people take a dip. This Teerth is in front of the Sangam Mandir. ne should bathe here on Sankranthi, Grahan, Purnima and Amavasya and give a cow with a calf in Charity. Only about 250 of these birds survive. The Bath in this Teerth and then worshipping Kalleshwara is like taking bath in Gokarna Teerth and worshipping Mahabaleshwara. Sangameshwara at the Sangameshwara Temple here is like Mallikarjuna at Shrishailyam (as said by Shri Guru himself while explaining the Importance of Ashta Teertha). ________________________________________. The Environment here is Very Pleasant and Devotees coming to Ganagapur visit it at large no. It has two chief sources, one near Jamgaon about 20 km. The Bhima River banks are fertile and agricultural land which is the reason why many people survive near to the banks. Agriculture has suffered greatly. BhimaRiver merges with Krishna here. The Siddhivinayak temple at Siddhatek is one of the Ashtavinayaka temples. It is because once a Shiva Bhakta Brahmin of Bharadwaj Gotra Pleased Lord Shiva with his Devotion and when Lord Shiva appeared he asked that he want to take bath The 8 sloka stotra composed by Narahari became famous and are being reciting in the temple at night even today also. Shree guru gave instructions to disciples to have darshan of this Ganapathi in Ganagapur. Offering “Madhukari” to the people at Ganagapur and taking Biksha from atleast 5 houses is having very importance at this holy place. The river’s tributaries are important sources of drinking water for the city of Pune. Bhima River is one of the major tributaries to Krishna River and is a major river in Western and Southern India. Even today also, the process is continuing and the devotees are having faith that Lord Dattatreya is taking biksha everyday at Kshetra Ganagapur. Vasathi Rani Sangamasi Jati Nitya Bikshesi Taya Gangapurasi Madhyana Kali Pareyesa. ________________________________________, Bhasma Hill (Ash Hill) Shreeguru blessed Narahari and said, whoeverrecites the sloka every day with full devotion, they will get Ashta Aishwarya, Spiritual power, wealth, fame and noble offspring. The idol of Chintamani Ganapati can be seen in the inner side of Swamy Mutt. Ashta Teertha For a distance of about 55 km. Bhima River, major tributary of the Krishna River, flowing through Maharashtra and Karnataka states, western India. ________________________________________. The Bhima basin is part of the Krishna basin, and like its parent river, supports intensive agricultural activity. The Vitthala temple in Pandharpur is an important pilgrimage spot, and is located along the river’s banks. The Importance of Sangam was explained by Shreeguru and it can be seen in Shree Gurucharitra. About Sri Sangam of Krishna and Bheema Rivers: Sri Sangam is the point where The Krishna River mingles with the Bheema River. to its north-east. This Temple is considered as equivalent to Gokarna Mahabaleshwara (that we read in shree Gurucharitra) and nearby is one of the Ashta Teertha Once a Brahmin `Narahari’ by name came to Shri Guru at Ganagapur and bowing to him said, `My life is futile.I studied Yajurveda, but as I am suffering from leprosy.All people despise me and do not invite for Karma.

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