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buck knives ebony

buck knives ebony

These knives are available with different types of handle materials which includes micarta and thermoplastic and rubber. Buck Woodsman Knife Series: The Woodsman Knife Series includes high-performance knives with excellent means for field work. Buck Nobleman Knife Series: Nobleman Series works on the simple framelock folding mechanism. The year 1961 witnessed the incorporation of Buck Knives, Inc. The company was not established overnight, it took years of dedication, expertise, and knowledge to bring forth qualitative products. The knives have unique rich grain laminated wood or textured black rubber handles. The blades are a satin finish 420HC stainless drop point making the corrosion-resistant. Buck Bantam Knife Series: This series of lockback knives is equipped with stainless steel drop point blade, featuring a standard edge, ensuring strength for heavy-duty tasks. Includes an injection molded plastic sheath with belt clip and stylized drain hole. Buck Bucklite Knife Series: The series covers a wide range of fixed blade knives. For over a century, Buck fixed blade knives and Buck folding knives have been synonymous with the blades we use to tame the wild (or to tame those home improvement projects). Family Legacy and a History through Generations. The online store has a huge selection of premium outdoor accessories and survival gear, manufactured and supplied by some of the elite brands across the globe. Chuck Buck, son of Al Buck and grandson Hoyt Buck (Founder Buck Knives), has worked magnificently well, with which the company has touched great heights. Buck Framelock Pocket Knives: The collection offers a classic range of folding knives with framelock locking mechanism. These knives make an excellent collector’s item. The blanks are notable for knife making enthusiasts and are of a higher-quality material that will not disappoint. Buck Spitfire Knife Series: The series is lockback knives with stainless steel drop point blades with an assortment of lively handle colors meant to cater to the varying demands of the people. Buck Skinner Knife Series: This series includes fixed blade knives that are recognized for its classic Buck appearance. Proudly employing military veterans. We are family owned & operated. The stainless drop point blade has incredible strength and sharpness ensuring its performance. Buck Trigger Knife Series: This range of knives is known for their high-quality textured aluminum handles. Ebony … After Hoyt Buck’s demise, Al, his eldest son, introduced the business to his son. All the knives in this niche are manufactured with innovation in design and accuracy; these knives deliver superior performance in outdoor atmospheres. The finishing of the knives complements the knife body and looks classic. Buck Selector Knife Series: The Selector series consists of corrosion resistant stainless steel blade materials. Start With a Good Food Dehydrator, Tulsa Homeowner Shoots Second Burglar in 5 Years, Paul Harrell on Different Kinds of Paper Targets, Sightmark Core SX 1.5-5×32 Crossbow Scope Review, EOTech Factory Tour in Ann Arbor, Michigan, 110 Folding Hunter (Standard & Finger-Grooved). These knives are worth collecting and perfect for outdoor activities. Ebony wood was originally introduced on the 110 and 112 models in the 1960’s, but in the 1990’s, federal regulations on endangered woods led Buck to utilize resin treated woods. The knives come with 420HC stainless steel blade construction that ensures durability. Let us know your thoughts in the Comments below! Supplied with the lockback mechanism, the knives remain securely open. Buck Bones Knife Series: This series offers you with a selection framelock folding knives that are equipped with skeletonized stainless handles. These knives work on the simplest liner lock mechanism. His contribution as the President and CEO for many years has paid off well. A family-owned company since the 1800s, cutting-edge construction and unmatched durability are in the DNA of every Buck knife, which is backed by the power of a lifetime warranty. Buck General Knife Series: These knives feature 420HC stainless steel blades and Cocobolo Dymondwood and Phenolic handles. Beginning in January 2019, we will begin to see again for the first time in over 50 years ebony wood on these 3 staple models from Buck Knives: This is really exciting for Buck Knives because it has not been since the mid-90’s that they have utilized ebony wood products with their knives. The blades are constructed using 420HC stainless steel which is corrosion-resistant and denotes strength. It has a side-spring lock that allows easy opening and closing of the knife with one hand and that too without repositioning. And Buck knives keep their edges longer, while each knife is guaranteed to last a lifetime with regular wear and tear. Buck Vanguard Knife Series: The knives of this product series signify a sense of adventure and are suitable for outdoor adventurers, hikers and explorers. The knives feature framelock mechanism that keeps the blade in position once opened. A heavy duty sheath is also included to protect the blade and make for easy storage. These knives include dual thumb studs and a pocket clip making it easy to carry and deploy. The products in this series are lightweight and work well as an everyday carry pocket knife. The Abyss is ideal for fishing and camping as it has a flexible blade for contouring cuts. Buck CSAR-T Knife Series: The knife in this series is a TOPS Collaboration; its high-quality stainless steel blade and heavy duty G-10 handles makes it indestructible. The knives are perfect for everyday use and even for outdoor activities. CJ Buck (4th generation family member), has been an active member of the Buck family to participate in the production of line building 110 Folding Hunters. Each knife at was handcrafted and made using theworn-out file blades as raw material. So what do all of our sportsmen and sportswomen out there reading this think? Buck Silver Creek Knife Series: This series is another addition to the excellent quality knives made using titanium coated 420 J2 stainless steel blade materials. These knives are constructed with 420HC stainless steel blade and Cocobolo Dymondwood or black Phenolic composition. Buck Redpoint Knife Series: The Redpoint knives are recognized for their unique blades and handles. Buck Running Free Knife Series: This series is another addition to the excellent quality knives; the handles are made of bloody jasper and black jet with nickel silver inlays. The X-Tract features a slimmer profile and lighter weight than the other X-Tract tools. Buck Open Season Knife Series: This Buck series is specially designed to cater hunters as these fixed blade knives offer skinning, boning, and caper blades. Having a flourished inventory, which includes more than 30,000 models of pocket knives, fixed blade knives, hunting knives, butterfly knives, machetes, flashlights and knife sharpeners; Knife Country USA gives you a huge variety of options to choose from.

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