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can goku beat superman prime | Bread Market Cafe

can goku beat superman prime

can goku beat superman prime

It even includes the group chat with wiz on YouTube.--Ssj3gogeta96 (talk) 18:54, May 4, 2013 (UTC)ssj3gogeta96. Anotakueatingataco (talk) 20:13, June 11, 2013 (UTC), Why is it that this debate is revived time and again? Yeah, I know what I am saying here;  I can see Goku doing Prime in in just 15 years, and I'm saying that would'nt even be a stretch. Even if Jerry Siegel and Akira Toriyama themselves get involved, we'll never come to a definite answer. On a one on one battle it may take Goku to transform into a Super Saiyan 1, and 2 in order to defeat him. And despite his otherworldly strength and body, he does eventually build up fatique. Goku can easily beat superman... Dragon Ball - General This is a split board - You can return to the Split List for other boards. BlueMew1234 (talk) 16:26, March 19, 2014 (UTC)BlueMew1234, the concept of goku and all other saiyans is that they are just an improved version of superman. None of you have actually given a reason why Goku wins. Like the guy above said, THIS IS FOR FUN, and your opinion is based on what character you have followed more closely. I calculated based on other scientific figures how much power it would take to be able to sustain it. And galaxies in DBZ are 4 in number, they are in reality quandrants of the UNIVERSE. Now..if Superman was to go against Babidi he would have a hard time cuz he uses magic and easily control Supermans mind. And goku wouldn't just let superman go up to the sun, he's smarter than that. But all that pales in comparison when you think about how goku has been able to read people mind who were on the other side of the galaxy and, get this, in another fucking dimesion. Alright, if you didn't already know, but alot of people a beaten Superman same for Goku. Goku has surpassed Buu, eventually surpasses Buuhan and Omega. Sandubadear (talk) 19:29, January 17, 2013 (UTC). You forgot one crucial weakness of Goku. I believe deep down inside that Superman is gay too. Also Goku's Kaoken attack would work for him also giving him more speed...but we all know that technique wears out Goku quick. Can't we just all get along and agree that Chuck Norris would destroy both of them? That's like saying, "who would win in a fight, Goku or Vegeta after Vegeta has trained enough to far surpass Goku in power and skill?" He is immune to krptonite, magic, and anything else in this state. I can see how the Infinite Mass Punch amped up from Superman's few minutes in the Sun was able to obliterate Goku's SSJ4 Dragon Fist. And Superman won. Besides... as much as I like Goku, I think Super-Man would win. He has acquired countless powers and abilities from his travels and lineage that allow him to do almost anything he wishes, which range from teleportation to the manipulation of magic and warping reality. 08:56, July 20, 2013 (UTC). They can bitch, but now even at their level of understanding, they cannot disprove Z's power--just deny it, skip over it. They multiplied ssj3 from dbz by 10 to get ssj4. However Goku still would win. He can also EFFORTLESSLY lift trucks, construction equipment, pieces of destroyed buildings, giant mechanical creatures/enemies. In indurance superman wins since his body doesn't secrete any fatigue toxins, were as that was the main reason the androids were able to go to town on the z fighters. Oh, you may say that Superman will pawn Goku because of the so called "Superman Prime", and yeah he's pretty powerful...- "Superman Prime is the second most powerful being that has ever existed in the DC multiverse only surpassed by The Presence. goku is too nice and too slow to fight with prime. While in ssj4 form with a kaioken 200x he'd injure superman with all of Oceanus' techniques, though only minorly. Again, how would Goku learn Superman's wekness to Kryptonite without someone specifically telling him? It makes more sense to go on a website like Reddit, where comic fans and anime fans are both on. Did death battle include that? well none of this stuff matters, because, as some of you may have noticed, I left a little something out. Some versions of Superman would get owned by Krillin, but Superman at his strongest beats Goku at his strongest in a one on one fight. Fickle huh? Super man is like a computer and the sun is the internet, without the sun he would Suck and get PWNED and even with the sun he would still Suck and get PWNED. So....Superman can't be beat because he just can't. Still, can you imagine how strong base goku would be after a hundred years of training after the shadow dragons? Now, I like Goku way more, but if it was just brawn against brawn I'd have to say Superman has Goku beat, but only because we know Superman can move planets, and Goku has never displayed his strength in a comparable way and of that caliber. Advertising Ssj1 in GT was as powerful as ssj3 in dbz. Stevemagegod (talk) 20:59, June 20, 2014 (UTC), This is a Dragon Ball Wiki, not a debate function or battledome, so the results are going to inevitably be biased with impartial presentations of evidence. Superman snaps him with his little Finger and Goku is shattered in his Atoms... Superman Prime is not allowed here. It's not like they'd ever fight though, they're both you know goody two shoes, and all that. I wanted to present that evidence to show people, give just a glimpse, an idea of how overwhelmingly powerful Z characters are in many terms that anybody should be able to follow and understand. Super saiyan 4 is 10x super saiyan 3. As Trunks appears he becomes a pathetic joke. He is in his adult form, doesn't suffer any side effects that his ssj form gives and he has the physical benefits from his ozaru form in ssj4 which means he will be able to handle kaioken 200x, possibly 400x as he trained a lot between DBZ and Gt, like he used kaioken 20 in the frieza saga. ^And there ya have it. No amount of Christopher Nolan is going to redeem that fact either. Characters are only as strong as their creators want them to be. Superman is too inconsistent due to having tons of writers. Just that he can punch hard and shoot lazers and teleport. I saw the Goku versus Superman fight. Super Saiyan Gotek, This argument will never be resolved. Since he battles people who have a seemingly endless supply of Kryptonite, some even made of the stuff, he's going to have to fight better than, "Let's fly right at them and punch! ?So, I think that if Superman used the rage and the Sun while Goku used Super Sayian and Kaio-Ken (Like that other guy said) then this match would be never ending. Superior strength, at least as fast as goku, having intense heat vision, and a ton of other powers, superman would no doubt win. As a concept of a story however, Stuperdman is a total fail. Chuck Norris would also destroy Superman. Goku can destroy planets with his Kamehameha. Also, since when does Goku have the ability to emit specific forms of radiation from his Ki blasts? But if they weren't fighting, I truly believe they would become friends, and rely on each other for future issues. Cut him from the Sun and he weaker then a regular human. Soulcollecter57 1 y 11 mo 22 d . Now we also know that Superman is weak against Magic. Guess what it doesn't? Quite from Kaiou: "Even the gods fear Freeza. Batman for example, he beaten Superman numerous times because he is smarter than Superman in techniques. So while the battle would be long and fierce I give Goku the very slight edge. I think only, and only ssj5 Goku could win, and only in that state of ssj5. But if he were Cartoon Network version then he would own Superman, Because admit Dragon Ball Z Kai is nothing but a rerun of DBZ but they take out all of the swears.Nicktoons Network ruined DBZ for me in a weird way. So he would have to defeat Superman probably using the '''Instant Kamehameha 'that he used on Cell. The rest comes from just watching and reading dragonball for lik 15, 16 years. Everyone knows about Kryptonite. If superman turned evil and fought Goku to the death, thn Goku would use the ssj4 kaioken 2,000,000x and every othermove I stated before and he would win. But it still doesn't take away from the fact that Goku could defeat Clark in 3 easy steps.

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