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goku vs silver surfer | Bread Market Cafe

goku vs silver surfer

goku vs silver surfer

". I think Silver Surfer is a high level reality manipulator and has insane reaction/movement speeds, so he'd probably take this. I'd also advise certain people on this thread to mind their language. @Klandicar said: "Plus Rhino was smacking Surfer around that Zoo. ... Grudge Match 24: Silver Surfer vs Captain Atom - Duration: 8:30. Silver Surfer might have a limit to this ability, and if he does, Goku could very well be the one to reach said limit. Round 2: SSB Goku vs. Silver Surfer (can go KKx20 if need be) Round 3: MUI Goku vs. Silver Surfer. He's at least several times ftl and a myriad stronger and more skilled than SS. Impossibru, NickZ, and Mortein are all away so this thread is going to fill up quickly with "LOL STOMP" fever. Goku is beyond solar system busting at the end of the series. PerfectMayhem82 Recommended for you. The Silver Surfer vs Goku alex w. Loading... Unsubscribe from alex w? There are no feats of surfer eating planet busting KI blasts. Trunks tries the same techniques on Goku, and the result is that Goku stops every single strike effortlessly... With one finger. I don't see your point. sory you dont have to call me names like the people at my old school. Stomp/mismatch/spite in favor of Silver Surfer. stop time, and then do something like spread Goku's molecules out across the universe, effectively erasing him from existence), I don't believe Goku would have a defense against that. Goku wins cause he is teh bestest and he can destroy planets! @RedLanternSuperman: Relax. Well I'm going with Silver Surfer, physically stronger, is faster and his energy manipulation should also be better ( maybe not in pure power but definetly in versatility. Hate to say, but I'm pretty sure the herald can siphon away all of Goku's ki, like he does with Hulk's gamma energy, etc. And Thanos no near physically as strong as any Z fighter. In regards to that, before he became Super Saiyan, which multiplies his power output (including strength, at least to some degree,) by 50 times, he tanked being crushed by a mountain that was telekinetically thrown by Frieza. It's the bread and butter of DBZ in fact, mountains get crushed in every battle, by blasts, impacts, and especially, punches that miss their target. Anything less, Goku can probably take it due to his speed and instant transmission, and incredible firepower. If he doesn't have those abilities though, he could lose, because Goku has the pure firepower and durability of a god. The implication here isn't that Goku can destroy a planet with his punches, it's that his punches are more powerful than planet destroying explosions. Or just opening up a black hole inside of him or something to that effect? We can wank a single sentence out of 80 years of comic book history to death, yet just because Goku doesn't use his mental abilities in every single fight he's ever been in they're not even worth bringing up? You know its statements like this which justify the lift on the ban. I give it 6/10 in Surfer's favor due to versatility. As I said before, the Surfer can MANIPULATE matter. Last edited: 1 y 1 mo 11 d ago. "Sigh" now I want the ban to be put on, but captioned under. He is probably at the level of a Kaioken goku in base form in terms of destructive power and even that is being generous. If so then he takes it. By Brandon Zachary Sep 13, 2019 This has been done lots of times. In fact, Galactus and Silver Surfer won't be willing to touch the Saiyans before they know whether they can deal with their telekinetic and telepathic powers. I don't have scans because I don't own the manga, I watched the anime, but most of the anime is directly (and I mean directly) derived from the manga, with the sole exception of certain filler arcs such as the tournament in Otherworld. I'm actually one of the more knowledgable people from DBZ, on this site, but until now that knowledge never payed off; now that we have these battles though... Goku actually has so much energy he fed Yakon energy from his super saiyan form until Yakon literally exploded from so much energy. Oh yes, and steroid taker. If Silver Surfer can manipulate reality (e.g. Another feat detailing strength rather than durability, is that Goku actually destroys mountains, or even entire mountain ranges, with his punches, quite regularly.

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