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hegel war quotes

hegel war quotes

The periods of happiness are blank pages in it.” -- Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, “The valor that struggles is better than the weakness that endures.” -- Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, “Once the state has been founded, there can no longer be any heroes. When we consider and reflect upon nature at large or the history of mankind or our own intellectual activity, at first we see the picture of an endless entanglement of relations and reactions in which nothing remains what, where and as it was, but everything moves, changes, comes into being and passes away. As William Petty says, labour is the father of material wealth, the earth is its mother. Marx, German Ideology (1845), Both for the production on a mass scale of this communist consciousness, and ... the alteration of men on a mass scale is, necessary, ... a revolution; this revolution is necessary, therefore, not only because the ruling class cannot be overthrown in any other way, but also because the class overthrowing it can only in a revolution succeed in ridding itself of all the muck of ages and become fitted to found society anew. 44. Marx, Capital, Volume I, Chapter One (1867), Man’s reflections on the forms of social life, and consequently, also, his scientific analysis of those forms, take a course directly opposite to that of their actual historical development. Histoire, Sciences Sociales, 32e Année, no. But it has never once asked the question why labour is represented by the value of its product and labour-time by the magnitude of that value. See M. Frost, Towards a Normative Theory of International Relations (Cambridge, 2009), 168. — The ethics of political economy is acquisition, work, thrift, sobriety — but political economy promises to satisfy my needs. As soon as his labour actually begins, it has already ceased to belong to him; it can therefore no longer be sold by him. Marx, Capital, Volume I, Chapter 4 (1867), Capital is money: Capital is commodities. the class which is the ruling material force of society, is at the same time its ruling intellectual force. Torn away from these conditions, it is as little capital as gold is itself money, or sugar is the price of sugar Labour is the substance, and the immanent measure of value, but has itself no value. Hegel, Phenomenology of Spirit, A.V. 63 Voltaire Quotes on Love & Friendship (CANDIDE) Jeremiah Say September 8, 2020 September 17, 2020. This insight allows one to weight the pros and cons associated with a situation and assess if war really is the best option out of all other possible solutions to achieve a desired end goal. Introduction, Critical Notes on the Article ‘The King of Prussia and Social Reform. Marx, Afterword to the Second German Edition of Capital (1873), The bourgeoisie is just as necessary a precondition for the socialist revolution as is the proletariat itself. Whoever placed the chief emphasis on the Hegelian system could be fairly conservative in both spheres; whoever regarded the dialectical method as the main thing could belong to the most extreme opposition, both in politics and religion. in Parliament, universal suffrage was to serve the people, .... Also, Taylor argues, in Hegel, that even though the central spiritual and ontological thesis is dead, Hegel remains relevant nonetheless, 538–9. Hegel Quotes 150 quotes from Hegel, linked to the context. C. Taylor, Hegel (Cambridge, 1975), 128. I think that German women should begin by driving their husbands to self-emancipation. Marx, Letter from the Deutsch-Französische Jahrbücher (1843), The weapon of criticism cannot, of course, replace criticism of the weapon, material force must be overthrown by material force; buttheory also becomes a material force as soon as it has gripped the masses.Theory is capable of gripping the masses as soon as it demonstrates ad hominem, and it demonstrates ad hominem as soon as it becomes radical. Marx, Human Requirements and Division of Labour (1844), Man is directly a natural being. magnitudes, much as potatoes in a sack form a sack of potatoes. This line occurs in the context of Clausewitz speaking about the advantages of the ‘state of expectation’ on the defensive side, the difficulties in executing the attack, and the concepts of ‘mutual destruction’ and war's ‘absolute form’. You can also read through these war quotes. 13. 92. Karl Marx (2007). Aron, Sur Clausewitz (Paris, 1980), 103. The difference between previous, objectified labour and living, present labour here appears as a merely formal difference between the different tenses of labour, at one time in the perfect and at another in the present. Marx, On Social Relations in Russia (1874), ... defects are inevitable in the first phase of communist society as it is when it has just emerged after prolonged birth pangs from capitalist society. Marx, The Grundrisse (1857), The separation of public works from the state, and their migration into the domain of the works undertaken by capital itself, indicates the degree to which the real community has constituted itself in the form of capital. It is just as absurd to fancy that a philosophy can transcend its contemporary world as it is to fancy that an individual can overleap his own age, jump over Rhodes.”, “The sole work and deed of universal freedom is therefore death, a death too which has no inner significance or filling, for what is negated is the empty point of the absolutely free self.

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