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how to cook plantains jamaican style | Bread Market Cafe

how to cook plantains jamaican style

how to cook plantains jamaican style

Stir well to create a delicious dessert sauce that the plantains cook in. Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on May 02, 2013: @chocomaggie - Here on Hubpages, we learn new things everyday. I've been trying to figure out why my grilled plantains are always underwhelming, but you clearly explained that I've been undercooking them! I hope it turns out right and delicious. Plantains can also be grilled or baked. Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on September 25, 2013: @Edjanse Plantain is a very versatile fruit that can be cooked virtually in every way possible. Step3 When the water begins to boil, add the plantain halves and boil for twenty minutes Step4 Remove cooked plantain halves from water, and remove the skin. Ripe plantain on the other hand has reduced iron and a sweet taste, which may be preferred by some. Add the chunks into 2 to 3 cups boiling, salted water. When the butter starts to melt add the plantains - be sure to not crowd the pan. Leaving the skin on while boiling helps the fruit retain most of its nutrients and also helps keep it from getting soggy. Instead of using salt or sugar, try a dash of cinnamon or curry powder. Wash the plantain, remove both ends, then cut in half. Very oily. Cooked plantains can be eaten as a snack (plain, dipped in butter or salted palm oil, or topped with roasted Spanish peanuts), or they can be incorporated into a meal (in a soup or stew, as a side dish, or with scrambled eggs). Thank you very much Babatola. If they are still green, or just yellow, the plantains will not be sweet after you fry them. Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on April 19, 2020: @Jams - Thanks for stopping by. No. Fried plantains can also be eaten plain, in a soup or stew, or as a side dish with rice and beans. To make fried sweet plantains, the plantains need to be very ripe, meaning mostly black like in the image below. Once the pieces are golden brown, remove them from the pan. Love this Plantain recipe? wikiHow's Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards. Comfort Babatola (author) from Bonaire, GA, USA on July 30, 2012: @FreezeFrame34 - Now you know what to do next time. If it doesn't, wait another minute and check again. Rachael Tate from England on September 24, 2014: I love fried plantain but can never get it right when I try it at home. wikiHow's. Slightly make a lengthwise cut on each half of the plantain. Only if ripe (black skin). If the oil continues to heat past 375 °F (191 °C), turn the burner down a little. Cut up both pieces of plantains into 1/4 inch slices longways. FreezeFrame34 from Charleston SC on July 26, 2012: I have yet to try a plantain, but this gives me some ideas on how to experiment with them! Ripe sweet plantains are fried until golden brown with a caramelized texture and sweet flavor that melts in your mouth. Ripe plantain is either fried or boiled in Jamaica. I once bought a green unripe plantain at a store thinking it was a banana. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. Use real bananas! You made a difficult coking problem simple, and they are easy to. Because plantains have less sugar and more starch than regular bananas, they are generally cooked before they are consumed. He has made plantains, but the only way we knew was to deep fry them when they were very sweet. If you prefer, use your favorite vegetable oil instead of butter. Question: How would the plantain be cooked to put on fish tacos? Each slice needs about 45 seconds to a minute to cook. To learn how to oven-bake plantains, read on! I actually just finish eating a not-too-ripe boiled plantain with eggs and fish for breakfast. Yours looks amazing! This combo makes a great breakfast meal that is both sweet and healthy. So, if you are looking for something that is yummy and also reminds you of that island vacation you took 6 months ago then look no further. Because of their sweetness, kids usually love them. curious about this weird food my nigerian friend makes as a quick breadlike "stuff" she made in a pot (didn' like it at all) Thanks again. I'm craving some of those right now. You are much appreciated for stopping by and commenting. It worked, never had a problem since cause I love plantains. If the oil is hot enough, it will immediately begin to bubble and fry. Ripe plantain can be used to make cake, like bananas too :) maybe when they have gone too ripe for frying or grilling. Always delicious. wikiHow is where trusted research and expert knowledge come together. Once the plantains are golden brown on the bottom, flip them with a spatula and saute the other side for an additional 1-2 minutes. Once the oil is hot, gently drop the plantain pieces into the pan. Brazilian Salsa Plantains are longer, firmer, and have thicker skin than regular bananas and before they are ripe, they are also less sweet and super starchy. Question: Will green (unripe) plantains ripen if left at room temperature? A tasty alternative to Jamaican Rice and Peas. Glad you find this useful. Usually thin slices taste good. Thanks so much for stopping by, reading and commenting. I love fruits in my meal! Once a lady behind me at the checkout lane asked the cashier what those are (referring to plantain). Although plantains are similar, they contain more starch and less sugar than bananas. :). Usually, grocery stores will sell plantains while they’re still green (or yellow if you’re lucky) which means you’ll need to plan ahead before you can make fried sweet plantains. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. If you got 2 correct answers: You did good, but you need to familiarize yourself more with plantain by reading this hub. Sprinkle on cinnamon and brown sugar. Unfortunately, it's not a very healthy method. When plantain is cooked or boiled, these enzymes reacts with oxygen that turns the plantain water to a dark (brown or black) color. I like them fried (of course) and grilled, but I've never thought to roast them in the oven. As you rightly said, ripe plantain can be fried. For example, you could mash it up and mix it with flour, sugar, and a little bit of milk. Only ripe plantain has a natural sweetness to it. Stir the butter occasionally to help it mix with the oil. Heat oven to about 400 to 450 degrees (depending on the oven). @phildazz - It really does help with iron deficiency, especially the green unripe plantain. Whichever method you choose to prepare your plantains, one thing is certain: you and your family will enjoy eating them! The big secret for making really tasty fried sweet plantains is in how to buy them. Love reading more of ur hubs. Peggy from Oahu, Hawai'i on November 20, 2011: My co worker gave me a bunch of plaintains from her back yard, and I had no idea how to cook them. I'm glad you found this useful. Thank you for Caribbean flavors made easy. Hi guys! Be careful though, it's addictive! This prevents the plantains from sticking. This is best served hot! If you got 3 correct answers: You did very good! Ingredients 1 ripe finger plantain 2 cups water 1/2 tsp. All the same great piece. Check these popular Brazilian Kitchen Abroad recipes: I actually roast mine with just a slice down the skin so it can open as it expands. Cooked ripe plantain Plantains are also high in potassium and fiber. They are done when they become golden brown. If you don't want the plantains to be sweet, you can leave the sugar out. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. These are perfect for grilling, frying, and boiling. By using our site, you agree to our. What are some other ways of cooking plantains? Someone gave me several plantains, and I needed to know how to cook, "The step-by-step directions were very helpful. "Knowing that there were so many different ways to prepare helped. Thanks for your useful hub. Add only one or two spoons of this mixture depending upon your salt requirements. I've also tried a mixture of coconut oil with a pinch of salt (optional) and cayenne pepper. Thanks for the lesson. Fried green plantains can be jazzed up with a simple pico de gallo. It's always good to have plantains handy. Subscribe today and receive a FREE Dessert E-Book and weekly recipes! Slice into slices, then fry them in butter or canola oil. — Of these methods, the healthiest are grilling, baking, and roasting. Answer: Yes, you can. Answer: You can use it as a substitute in recipes that calls for bananas. I was not aware that plantain can be baked or even grilled for that matter!!! If you want to season the plantains, add cinnamon, vanilla extract, and brown sugar to the pan and cook for an additional 30 seconds, and serve hot. That sweet and savory mix is totally my jam. Thank you! Your comment has not yet been posted. When you think it's ready, lower 1 piece of plantain into the oil. This makes it easier to pull back the firm peel. Add some turmeric powder into the water. It is said that this method allows the fruit to retain all of its nutrients (unlike when they're boiled or fried). Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I am a Nigerian native who loves sharing traditional and nontraditional recipes with everyone!

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