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intersecting triangles tattoo | Bread Market Cafe

intersecting triangles tattoo

intersecting triangles tattoo

You can ink this bold tattoo on your upper arm, shoulder, or leg. The wrist is one of the most common places to get inked. This tattoo is popularly placed on the wrist, neck, or any other body part where it can be seen or flaunted. Flowers and triangles look awesome when put together in a tattoo. Click here for additional information . You absolutely do not have to do this, though, since most people will actually find that the meanings that are attached to the Valknut symbol are enough for them and they want to keep the tattoo as simple as they can. You can ink this tattoo on your arm, shoulder, or back. A popular version of the triquetra that we find today is one that incorporates a circle into the design. It is a simple yet meaningful tattoo. Get it done on your wrist if you are comfortable flaunting it. The inverted triangle is a symbol for femininity, strength, power, and motherhood. And, this one is no different. These triangle tattoos on the fingers look no less beautiful. If you like elaborate tattoos, this one is for you! A Couple of Dots. You can get it on your arm, back of the neck, or leg. Before we go into what the Valknut tattoo meanings and the different types of designs you can get, we should talk about what the symbol actually is. The Valknut tattoo is a great tat idea for anyone who loves Norse mythology, triangles, or who finds that the Valknut holds other meanings that work for them. A heart triangle tattoo looks stunning and holds special meaning. Even the leaves look gorgeous and realistic due to their shading. But when searching for designs, be wary of the meaning behind eye-catching triangles, as it’s likely they have a deeper meaning behind them. You can also ink it on your foot, thigh, or shoulder with fine lines or do each triangle with a different color representing each phase of your life. This gorgeous triangle tattoo has the simplest design but with a pop of color. Fire lies inside one of the triangles, likely highlighting brave, fiery character. A 3D triangle tattoo design looks great as it creates an optical illusion. This stunning open triangle tattoo is inverted and has a gorgeous sunrise with mountains scenery inscribed within it. The triangle represents rising again from the ashes, the circle represents wholeness, and the line stands for strength. The flowers are vibrant and colorful inside the triangle and black and white outside the triangle. You can add color to the peonies to brighten up the tattoo or leave it subtly outlined like this one. This stunning tattoo has two triangles overlapped and pointing in one direction. And if you want something bolder and richer in palette, the design below will perk your interest. The penrose triangle is also known as the penrose tri-bar or the impossible tri-bar. It symbolizes three corners of the world, heaven, and Earth. In this triangle tattoo, the triangle is in black while the heart is in bright red to add some love to the entire design. Some parts of the rose are inside the triangle and some of it is on the outside. One of the last details that my buddy “tattoo Drew” said he added to the tattoo on my leg was three dots in the shape of a triangle above a heart. It is believed that a person with this tattoo is under the protection of God. You can fill in the ring finger triangle tattoo with red or orange ink to represent what it stands for. When it’s combined with a triangle, it brings family into the focus and represents father, mother, and child – the three sides of a triangle. It is the symbol for open adoption. 3D tattoos look stunning and are worth getting inked on your body. Three dots can be a symbolic of masonic or alchemical balance. We hope these beautiful designs of triangle tattoos tempted you enough to get one inked on your body! A triangle tattoo can also be used as a symbol of creativity and simplicity. It also stands for humanity, focus, vision, and protection from evil. This one has simply been done with black and gray ink. Triangles that are intersecting together and one of them is made up of dots. The penrose tattoo design consists of a two-dimensional triangle that looks three-dimensional. This three triangle tattoo design is exactly the reason why minimalistic designs are a hit these days! This one is a simple triangle with a line across one edge of the triangle which means ‘explore.’ Placed beautifully on the back of the ear, this tattoo is simple yet so sexy!

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