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management accountability and responsibility | Bread Market Cafe

management accountability and responsibility

management accountability and responsibility

The subordinates give obedience to the managers because they visualize the following advantages: (b) Contribution in attaining the objectives of the enterprise. Responsibility is task-oriented. Huge Collection of Essays, Research Papers and Articles on Business Management shared by visitors and users like you. Accountability in project management The definition of accountability is as follows: Accountability is the obligation for an individual or organization to account for its activities, accept responsibility for them, and to disclose the results in a transparent manner. There are three different schools of thought about the sources of authority which are discussed below: This theory states that authority is the power that is accepted by others. “Authority is the right to give order and the power to exact obedience”. It covers the topics they will need to know in order to pass or fail the class, as well as where to find the resources they need in addition to the class lectures. A person “takes” responsibility, either because it’s given by another or because they are motivated to do so on their own. A person will be accountable only when he has been assigned any task or responsibility by the person who commands authority over him. For instance, the task assigned to employees must conform to the group’s fundamental social beliefs, norms, codes and customs. If they do not have a feeling of regard for them, they may not obey their orders. Authority, Responsibility, and Accountability Introduction There is a definite relationship between authority, responsibility and accountability. Do you have others who are already responsible for a task but would like to assume accountability? i. Responsibility can be before and/or after a task. However, responsibility is always result-oriented so far as the management is concerned. Authority: Chester Barnard has defined authority as a character of “an order in the informal organisation by virtue of which … Accountable is similar to tendering of accounts in its case, which refers to discharging of the responsibility. In other words, a person labeled as accountable for a task or project has to bear the consequences (good, bad, or neither) for any related decisions, actions, results, etc. On the other hand, accountability is something that can be specific to an individual depending on their skill set, role, or strengths. The subordinates accept the authority if the advantages to be derived by its acceptance exceed the disadvantages resulting from its refusal. 7. Every departmental head controls the activities of his department and is assisted by various staff specialists in doing so. Authority, Responsibility and Accountability in Management: Relationship of Authority and Responsibility: Essays, Research Papers and Articles on Business Management, Responsibility: Meaning, Concept and Forms | Organisation, Delegation of Authority and Principles Related to it, Delegation of Authority | Essay | Organising | Management, Authority and Responsibility: Comparison | Organising | Management, Authority and Responsibility and Accountability, Core Concepts of Marketing: Top 8 Concepts. Every manager in the organization has only that much authority which has been delegated to him by his superior. Both should be there. They have written that there are five sources of power which are found at all levels of the organization. How You can Balance Accountability vs. Responsibility. The latter are subordinates to the former. In the internal organization of any concern, there must be a proper assignment of duties among the various personnel. Accountability makes over conscious of his responsibilities without which one may go stray and shirk his responsibility. For the successful use of authority following factors may be taken into consideration: For the implementation of authority, favourable atmosphere must be created in the enterprise so that sweet human relations may be established in the enterprise. Copyright 10. ‘Authority’ means ‘Legal or rightful power, a right to command or to act’. The three terms go together. They really go hand in hand with each other. 2. These three terms are positively correlated and are at the same time not understood in their proper perspective.

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