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motor insulation resistance test procedure | Bread Market Cafe

motor insulation resistance test procedure

motor insulation resistance test procedure

0000002540 00000 n My candit option is the article have been so explicit, however, you have said the IR, varies, depend on the type of material used, the size… Is it in kW? The measurement of insulation resistance is carried out by means of a megohmmeter – high resistance range ohmmeter. hŞb```b``3f`c`àØÈ È€ ‚ì,;ğ ù[ÆsİOOpaP6```ìc8Ç0­Á¿î”zF¤Q See Figure 3-3. Fluke insulation testing tools such as the Fluke 1587 FC Insulation Multimeter is an easy way to collect data and analyze trends. When conducting the test and evaluating the results, consider these … There appears to be a contradiction here unless I am missing something. Document the ambient temperature, relative humidity, dew point, winding temperature, time since service, test voltage and connection arrangement. Winding configuration for testing. 75HP (55KW) motor has 0.1M ohms L1 – L2 – L3 conductors and 0.0M ohm conductors to GND after three idle years. Ksa….. What is the different between the caculated value…. Lower values warrant further investigation before the unit is placed into service. thank you. 0000023150 00000 n Energize the winding for one minute at an appropriate voltage (see Table 1) and correct the measured IR value to 40°C by multiplying by a KT from Table 2. Some machines do operate below these values. That’s why Fluke developed Fluke Connect®--an app for your phone or tablet that connects wirelessly to Fluke’s insulation resistance testers. Is that an I or an L? But there is something that is not clear to me or maybe I don’t understand it. Record important test conditions. The example above is saying that 0,35Mohm is the minimum IR for a 690V motor. Maximum insulation resistance should be measured with 500 V DC with the windings at a operating temperature of 80 – 120°C depending on the motor type and efficiency. Other benefits include: Fluke Connect helps you configure testing. 0000096859 00000 n There is another point that I don´t know if I didn´t understand or if there is an error: Minimum insulation resistance of the winding to ground is measured with 500 V DC. Study specialized technical articles, electrical guides, and papers. 4’—‡ŸOH@0$Ô. 0000044743 00000 n If the motor is not put into operation immediately upon arrival, it is important to protect it against external factors like moisture, high temperature and impurities in order to avoid damage to the insulation.Before the motor is put into operation after a long period of storage, you have to measure the winding insulation resistance. www.biddlemegger.com/biddle/Stitch-new.pdf, IEEE’s Recommended Practice for Testing Insulation Resistance of Rotating Machinery, VHDL code to input data of size 18432 bit as word by word of sizes 64 bit. But, with respect to Earth the value should be higher the resistance higher the benefits. x�b```b``)``c`�Qbb@ !V�(G�Ä��*�n����@V�H���J�C~�Ұ���+es;l&97k��]�9��a���v��J;����ԹO�}]�.�p����д��FAA��4 �RRRr���4�\�A@������Vb#��� �l -���� � �9Fc�(�� Bs����2�:x$p\L` The test voltage has been ramping upwards. Washing with distilled water is possible but very dangerous if we use ordinary water which has minerals that can add more harm on the core, core will become corroded. With highly accessible data you can learn the status of the motor and share data with colleagues or experts in other locations. 0000004713 00000 n Vijay. trailer <]/Prev 434695/XRefStm 2169>> startxref 0 %%EOF 1470 0 obj <>stream d˜È\�Äœìdˆ��ù(‚Üï�QÎÄÉÅ There are two schools of thought regarding the voltage to test insulation … Watch for factors that can affect the IR test. During the measurement and immediately afterwards, some of the terminals carry dangerous voltages and MUST NOT BE TOUCHED. To perform the tests needed, you will need an Insulation Resistance Tester or a multifunctional tester such as the Megger 1553. As a general rule of thumb, insulation resistance should be approximately one megohm for each 1,000 volts of operating voltage, with a minimum value of one megohm. Discharge the winding to ground before and after IR testing. What other aspects should users watch for while performing an IR test on a motor? Get access to premium HV/MV/LV technical articles, electrical engineering guides, research studies and much more! 0000001056 00000 n 0000009631 00000 n 0000001882 00000 n When the winding is otherwise in good condition, drying will resolve this issue. The measured resistance indicates the condition of the insulation between two conductive parts. 0000004648 00000 n Second, the range of a megohmmeter is in megohms, as its name implies, instead of ohms as in a multimeter. The full data table of test results can be included with a simple drag and drop. please, tell me the general rules guiding winding resistance in ohms. During that time, the measured resistance has been increasing. What test voltage should I use? Surface contamination such as oil, dust and salts may be conductive, causing lower IR. 0000010199 00000 n and when you meggar between other phases you get more than 0,5 Megohm even between phases and earth is 0,5 Megohm. First, the it must be Atex (the symbol is EX inside a triangle or hexagone) group IIA. Using a smartphone connected wirelessly to your Fluke insulation resistance tester, the app leads you through setup for any number of tests.

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