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necrons 9th edition codex

necrons 9th edition codex

Boooooooo. Quantum Deflection also gets re-done to account for the changes to Quantum Shielding, now improving the invuln granted to 4++ for a phase. The best kind of missing stratagem!Gravitic Singularity –  The Obelisk has received a ground-up redesign, rendering this meaninglessThere’s also a couple of notable downgrades. Honourable Combatant is fixed at 2 extra attacks rather than d3, but also otherwise stays stable. All together, very useful.The other pre-game upgrade option is Hand of the Phaeron. Necrons still have two Troop choices, Warriors and Immortals. Do also remember that the Normal Move is only up to 6″, so some of your slower units might be capped by their move of 5″ (it’s currently slightly unclear how this plays with Relentless March, which doesn’t seem to account for the possibility of out-of-phase Normal Moves). You can activate this after an enemy unit destroys one of your characters, and at the end of the phase a Canoptek Doomstalker from your army can shoot at the unit responsible, and gets +1 to hit against that target for the rest of the game. These do remain the cheapest way to get a troop choice on the table for the faction, so they’re bound to see at least some use despite that, especially if people are trying to get multiple C’tan out.ElitesSpooky SkeletonsCredit: MertonStarting off Elites with the normal-ish Necron units, we have Deathmarks. No arguing. This codex is presenting a compelling mission-focused style of play for Necrons that is ideally suited for the 9th edition playstyle that has come into focus in the last two months. Quite swingy, but with Ld 10 the odds are often in your favour, and here the spikes where you do truly appaling damage probably pay for the times you miss. Doesn’t work. With any gauss weapon, including the new reapers, you can also pop Disintegration Capacitors, auto-wounding on unmodified 6s to hit. You can add the ability to deep strike, pick up multiple ways to drop mortal wounds on enemies (up to and including an Orbital Strike effect from the Quantum Orb) and interfere with your opponent’s units once they get close, slowing them down with Countertemporal Nanomines or reducing their accuracy with the Cryptogeometric Adjuster. There are lots of ways you can make him do more than that though. We’ve already chatted through the Dynasty traits, so that just leaves the generic ones. For 2CP, this lets them ignore invulnerable saves for all their attacks in the phase, helping to add to how utterly horrendous they now are. You can combine this further with the upgraded Solar Pulse, which now strips a target of cover for the whole phase rather than just against one volley. Up front, the bad news is that the old Cryptek +1 to reanimation aura is gone. The hits continue with plenty of power in this slot. This gives a unit of Skorpekh Destroyers or a Skorpekh Lord -1 to wound rolls against them for a phase. Subject: Necron 9th edition general discussion thread. That’s potentially very good with Triarch Praetorians, and even has the out-there edge case of throwing charge re-rolls onto a C’tan. Last out of the character toys, the four fancy flavours of Cryptek now have a list of 12 special wargear options that you can buy them with points. If you’re up against these, you need to try and pack damage into them whenever possible.All C’tan also know two powers – the named ones all have a unique one and one from the list, while the Transcendant picks two from the list. These have a whole bunch of abilities, and generally net out at being a bit more deadly than the Wraiths on offence, but the tradeoff is that they are appallingly squishier on defence, being T4 4+ with no invuln. Done with the old, now for the new. We start strong with the Technomancer, and while a lot of these are cool, this guy does a tonne of stuff supporting multiple archetypes. I could imagine using this on a Skorpekh lord who I’ve also tanked up with Enduring Will.Credit: ZuultheCatFirst up for new(ish) relics is the Voltaic Staff. That means that anything in this slot needs heavy scrutiny, and despite an incredible upgrade in many ways, I don’t think the Monolith quite survives that. With the Nephrekh translocation, the bulk of these forces can push for the centre very quickly, putting the opponent up against it straight away and forcing them to commit into scything range. If your unit survives, after the enemy unit finishes all their attacks, roll a d6 for each token in the pot. There’s plenty of good choices, but the stuff you can add to a Technomancer feels the strongest by far, and the Fail-safe Overcharger in particular seens incredibly well set up to support Canoptek heavy Novokh lists.C’tan PowersCredit: WingsNearly to the units, I swear. The heavy weapons all get better in 9th’s move/shoot world, the Heat ray (probably the best option) benefits from seeing both the standard flamer and melta changes incorporated, and the whole thing gets gifted an extra 2W to boot. Whether it’s enough to make you want to take him over Imotekh (who is much more deadly in his own right) is an open question, but the fact that I’m even asking that question is an impressive uptick from last edition.Credit: RichyPDespite his new statline getting added right at the end of 8th, my boy Illuminor Szeras improves further. In your morale phase, you pick an enemy unit within 12″ and roll against their leadership on 3d6. Without further ado, let’s get on with the show – it’s going to be a big one. Techomancer, Canoptek Control Node, Voltaic Staff, Metallodermic Tesla Weave – 110, Triarch Stalker, Heat Ray – 140 10 Triarch Praetorians, rods – 250, Canoptek Doomstalker – 140 Canoptek Doomstalker – 140. His ability to seize control of an enemy VEHICLES gun has also changed to a roll against Ld rather than a flat 4+, on 3d6 most of the time and 2d6 against TITANIC. Moving on to the Lokhust Heavy Destroyers, I’m still not quite sure what to think about them. I’m not going to call that out every time, but it’s there, and it rocks.RoyaltyStarting out with the basics, the vanilla Overlord is your bog-standard foot warlord, and will look familiar to anyone who’s seen the Indomitus version. The Canoptek Control Node is more of a build-around, giving a 6″ aura of +1 to hit for CANOPTEK units. Hit someone with a gauss destructor? Once per game, when the Technomancer revives a model it can be a Triarch Praetorian, Destroyer or Canoptek model. 4. That’s enough that 10 of these are a real worry for enemy characters, especially as they’re base BS2+ and can be further buffed thanks to being CORE. What a mammoth review, and what a fantastic change to an army that has long languished in the doldrums. Revenge is a dish best served with incredibly powerful doomsday blasts, and even if they weren’t already a decent unit, this would be an strong additional incentive to take one.Character UpgradesNecrons now get three sets of choices here – warlord traits and relics like everyone else, and then the new Cryptek Arcana, giving access to a bunch of purchaseable tools for your mystical robot wizards to further enhance their capabilities.Warlord TraitsWe’ve already chatted through the Dynasty traits, so that just leaves the generic ones. There’s also a couple of notable downgrades. Zandrekh himself has a surprisingly good go at achieving that, as both his special abilities have been changed favourably. Are there tools to help with that? With C’tan in general just being all round great, expect to see these a lot more. Swarms in general are performing in 9th and these are no different.Also probably in the “still good” bucket, Tomb Blades. I’ll have to get around to either painting my new one or sticking my old one on a big ziggurat made of plasticard and the new massive base and calling the job a good’un.Finally, Trazyn shifts from being Nihilakh to being a Dynastic Agent. This is basically just good. C $65.15 + shipping . The general boosts to C’tan powers obviously help it, it gets a point cut and two random extra wounds, and a 2+ base save is fantastic. If you just want the spicy big gun you now have the option of the Canoptek Doomstalker instead, so if you’re aiming to get value out of this you need to be moving and using the gauss. On the other hand, being able to potentially deploy 20 models to the mid-board in moderate safety (especially with the uptick in the number of lists that can barely interact with planes) is a crazy capability to have access to, not to mention doing stupid things like a Skorpekh Lord clown-car.

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