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philippians 1 vs 6 commentary | Bread Market Cafe

philippians 1 vs 6 commentary

philippians 1 vs 6 commentary

Read Introduction to Philippians “Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ” “being confident of this very thing” “I am persuaded of this. The Christian is himself pure, but his love and gentleness are such that he attracts others to the Christian way and never repels them from it. Philippians 4:10–20. That is to say, they will be able to look at him and see in him a shining example of how, through Christ, a man can face the worst erect and unafraid. I am caught between two desires, for I have my desire to strike camp and to be with Christ, which is far better; but for your sake it is more essential for me to remain in this life. He never talked to people as if he could do everything and they could do nothing; he always remembered that neither he, nor they, could do anything without the help of God. They are people who owe a common debt to the grace of God. The tithe was the tenth part of all produce which was to be set apart for God, and it is laid down: "The tenth shall be holy to the Lord, because it is the Lord's" (Leviticus 27:30; Leviticus 27:32). To us conversation means talk; but it is derived from the Latin word conversari, which means to conduct oneself. Much of the nurse's work was done with her hands, and she used her hands as a scheme of prayer. Augustus had kept them dispersed throughout Rome and the neighbouring towns. So, then, if Paul is spared to come and see them again they will have in him grounds to boast in Jesus Christ. The King James Version has it: "Let your conversation be as it becometh the gospel of Christ." So Paul says to the Philippians: "For you and for me the battle is on; let us do something fine for Christ.". Matthew Henry Commentary on the Whole Bible (Complete) /. Christianity is the faith of the happy heart and the shining face. Nowadays this is misleading. “This confidence began long ago and still continues” (Lenski p. 709). Every man and woman born of the Spirit is being conformed into the image of the lovely Lord Jesus. What then? So long as Jesus Christ was preached, he did not care who received the credit and the prestige. It was not by their own agency or will; compare the notes on These actions were the beginning of the sacrifice, and the technical term for making this beginning was the verb enarchesthai (Greek #1728) which Paul uses here. The fourth finger was the weakest, as every pianist knows, and it stood for those who were in trouble and in pain. To suffer for Christ is a privilege, for it is an opportunity to demonstrate beyond mistake where our loyalty lies and to share in the upbuilding of the Kingdom of God. It is Paul's conviction that the situation in which he finds himself will result in his salvation. What a chance was there! It is the verb which is used for cutting away the trees and the undergrowth, and removing the barriers which would hinder the progress of an army. His imprisonment has been an incentive to preaching. He begins with the inscription and benediction ( v. 1, v. 2 ). The Jews were a holy nation (Exodus 19:6). Paul's hope is that he will never be shamed into silence, either by cowardice or a feeling of ineffectiveness. To modern ears it paints a picture of almost unworldly piety. In the other letters he begins with a statement of his official position, why he has the right to write, and why the recipients have the duty to listen; but not when he writes to the Philippians. What did he mean? "My desire is to depart," says Paul, and the phrase is very vivid. The priests were to be different from other men, for they were set apart for a special function. (vi) There is the joy of news of the loved one (Philippians 2:28). Wherein does that difference lie? When Christianity first came to Philippi, they saw him fight his own battle. He did not care what other preachers said about him, or how unfriendly they were to him, or how contemptuous they were of him, or how they tried to steal a march upon him. The slave has no will of his own; his master's will must be his. (v) There is the joy of suffering for Christ (Philippians 2:17). (ii) Paul knows that he has the support of the Holy Spirit. Mark Dunagan Commentary on the Bible. They were holy unto the Lord; God had severed them from other nations that they might be his (Leviticus 20:26); it was they of all nations on the face of the earth whom God had specially known (Amos 3:2). But they refused to play the part which God meant them to play; when his Son came into the world, they failed to recognize him, and rejected and crucified him. But let them remember that a general chooses his best soldiers for the hardest tasks, and that it is an honour to suffer for Christ. Share; Pin; Tweet; Biblical Translations of Philippians 1:6. He gives thanks for the saints at Philippi ( v. 3-6 ). NIV Being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus. If Christianity does not make a man happy, it will not make him anything at all. (i) It is the word for striking camp, loosening the tent ropes, pulling up the tent pins and moving on. When it has the meaning of a place, it has three meanings. And in this I rejoice--yes, and I will rejoice. George Raindrop in his book No Common Task tells how a nurse once taught a man to pray and in doing so changed his whole life, until a dull, disgruntled and dispirited creature became a man of joy. He tells the Roman Christians that, although he had done no wrong, he was delivered a prisoner (desmios, Greek #1198) into the hands of the Romans (Acts 28:17). Updated: Sun, 05/24/2020 - 07:14 By admin. Since Paul was in prison awaiting trial, he had to face the fact that it was quite uncertain whether he would live or die; and to him it made no difference. PREVIOUS NEXT. The Greek word for bowels is splagchna (Greek #4698). In Phlippians he calls himself a prisoner of Jesus Christ, and speaks of the bonds of the gospel (Phlippians 1:9; Phlippians 1:13). (i) He lays it down that he is the absolute possession of Christ. When a man enjoys a great blessing surely his first instinct must be to share it; and there is joy in thinking of the gospel being preached all over the world, so that another and another and another is brought within the love of Christ. It is said that in the terrible days of the war, when the Royal Air Force stood between Britain and destruction and the lives of its pilots were being sacrificially spent, they never spoke of a pilot as having been killed but always as having been "posted to another station." If it blindly and blunderingly hurts the feelings of the one it claims to love, it is not love at all. As Ellicott nobly puts it, Paul is saying, "My body will be the theatre in which Christ's glory is displayed." What I am to choose is not mine to declare. And I am confidently certain of this, that I will remain, and I will be with you and beside you all to help you along the road, and to increase the joy of your faith, so that you may have still further grounds for boasting in Christ because of me, when once again I come to visit you. In all this situation Paul has one expectation and one hope. Paul chooses his words very carefully. Eirene (Greek #1515) is a comprehensive word. On such a day the king's subjects are bound to present him with gifts to mark their loyalty and to show their love. Let the world quarrel; Christians must be one. (iii) Christians are partners in suffering for the gospel. If we love any subject, we want to learn more about it; if we love any person, we want to learn more about him; if we love Jesus, we will want to learn more about him and about his truth. So, when Paul prays for grace and peace on his people he is praying that they should have the joy of knowing God as Father and the peace of being reconciled to God, to men, and to themselves--and that grace and peace can come only through Jesus Christ. It is Paul's conviction that, he will "remain and continue with them. But with Jesus Christ there comes a new beauty to add to the beauty that was there.

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