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rise of the tmnt leo leader | Bread Market Cafe

rise of the tmnt leo leader

rise of the tmnt leo leader

Being a leader was his purpose, his one and only role. “That’s a lot of a pressure to put on yourself, don’t you think?” Besides, didn’t he just say that his Raphael could lead if they really needed him to? Leonardo could sense a bit of tension between them, the younger Donnie’s way of speaking being a bit drier as well as a bit more cocky, but he figured it would be fine as long as they had something to keep their minds and hands busy. Despite Raphael's objections, Leonardo persuades his brothers to accept Karai's offer and all four Turtles successfully work with Karai to eliminate the Elite Guard. He has the same feelings after the final battle with the Shredder-his anger and self-doubt was caused by Karai, who he believed was an honorable ally, but she was unable to go against her master's orders, eventually causing her to stab Leonardo (albeit unintentionally). “Right, right. “DAD!” Four of the turtles rushed over to the tiny rat man, giving him hugs that were immediately returned. Brotherly, disciplined, serious, mature, competent, has great leadership skills, daring He accuses Leonardo of cowardice, and the arguing brothers soon come to blows. His physical profile is similar to various versions of Slash, most versions of whom are also snapping turtles. He is the only Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle whose name has more than one "O", instead his name having two "O's". This- This is incredible! Raph grinned again, practically jumping to his feet. In Leonardo #1, Leonardo goes out for a run on the rooftops of New York City and is ambushed by the Foot Clan. Okay, just makin’ sure. “ Yame ,” he said, a slight smirk on his face. Or when I try to come up with team bonding stuff, they just think it’s dumb and try to get through it as fast as possible!”, “Ugh, I know how that feels,” Leonardo nodded. Quote Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Leonardo is the eldest brother and the leader of the group. However, he lost a great deal of confidence. “You have?”, “Yeah, our grandmother. With exception of Rob Paulsen who returned to the TMNT franchise as Donatello in the 2012 series. Each move was precise and focused, his opponent almost always managing to think a couple steps ahead. “Oh! From their final battle with the Shredder, Leonardo was the only Turtle to sustain truly lasting damage; part of his shell on his upper left shoulder had its edge shorn. Yeah, go ahead. But like I said, I can’t just take a break. The comedy-adventure series chronicles the high-flying adventures of trillionaire Scrooge McDuck, his grandnephews - Huey, Dewey, and Louie - and temperamental nephew Donald Duck, Launchpad McQuack, Mrs. Beakley, and her granddaughter Webby. If need be, he can use Qi Qong to slow his own bodily functions to survive temporarily without oxygen. As the series progressed, it began telling original stories. He and Raphael unlike in their other adaptions don't fight over leadership although they have a brief argument over the Hamatshi and Raphael talking about leaving which Leo debunks Raph's claim. “That is just…” Actually, Leonardo didn’t know how to finish that sentence. In this latest version, Leonardo seems to be less experienced and still perfecting his fighting skills and leadership abilities to make more solid decisions and gain more trust from his three younger brothers. One Foot Clan member is Cha Ocho, who Leonardo has a rivalry with due to an encounter years earlier. He knew those fears very well... “Eventually, I just broke down… I couldn’t take the pressure, or the feeling of failure.” He then gave a teary smile. Years later in Volume 4, Leonardo still leads his brothers (all four now in their thirties) in fights against crime.

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