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roy harper titans

roy harper titans

The villain Dreamslayer offered Roy a deal: that he would return Lian if Roy betrayed his friends Donna Troy and Starfire. When Roy came back and found out there wasn't a single survivor, he avenged the towners by launching a lethal blast against his former team.[8][9]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. However, years later, he would discover that Big Bow was killed by a corrupt sheriff, whom Roy brought to justice along with Oliver Queen. However, after a pep-talk from Nightwing, Roy regained his confidence and rejoined his team. Cheshire escaped, leaving little Lian behind. Because of this, Roy was forced to abandon her, unaware that she was pregnant with his child. Roy’s potential role in Titans was teased in the Season 2 premiere, with Donna Troy receiving a phone call from the hero during a mission. Roy also sees Black Canary as a mother, since she took him in and helped him get through his withdrawal, and she was also one of his teachers in his training as a hero. Infiltrating their base, Roy fights against Cyrus Vanch and Winnick Norton, but after taking them down, he is knocked out by Lyle Bolton electrocuting them and taking the hostages, only to be knocked out by Helena who saves them. Jason was abducted by the clown, having allegedly learned all their secret identities, and Arsenal and Starfire sprung into action to find him. Of course, this won’t be Roy’s first live-action stint. After Queen sorted out his own issues, he and Harper's friendship renewed. Following yet another Titans hiatus, Arsenal accepted an offer from a mysterious corporation called Optitron to form his own superhero team: the Outsiders. They are a group of outcast heroes led by Red Hood, who fight against evil and do what bigger groups like the Justice League will not. While leading an effort to take down the Secret Society, Roy realized that working like this was too much for him, and that operating from the shadows wasn't for him, and that he wasn't meant to blur the line. He has had several jobs, including being a drummer in his own band, running a nightclub, being a Private Detective, working as an agent and spy for the CBI, counseling in various anti-drug programs, and running a shelter for lost families. Several events occurred that made Speedy feel increasingly rootless and abandoned in his teenage life. Working undercover witht the "Titans for Hire", Roy helped Slade build a healing machine called the "Methuselah" for the man's dying son Jericho. All rights reserved. Tanner and the child-slavers tracked Lian down, killed her nanny, and abducted the girl. Their mission was ultimately a success. This caused a major uproar from the government and media against the Titans. By Andrew Dyce Feb 08, 2018 WARNING: This article contains SPOILERS up to Titans #20 When the dome was opened and metapowers were reactivated, the city was attacked by Dreamslayer. Speedy had been sent to the Island of Circe in the past and turned into a centaur controlled by Circe, but was restored. The CBI, led by Sarge Steel, invited Roy to work with with them and trained him in for undercover missions. However, for some members, it wasn't enough. With half the group out of commission, the remaining members tried to track down Indigo, but instead encountered a rogue Superman android, which had been activated. Roy has played a substantial role in Arrow over the years, with actor Colton Haynes taking on the role. They are a black ops team dedicated to fighting evil and taking the fall in public opinion that bigger groups like the Justice League cannot, started by Batman to avoid being crippled by public relations needs. While in confinement at the rehab center, Roy purposefully hurt himself to alert the paramedics on standby. He decided to start and lead a new Titans team that would redeem the name, and he was joining the recently resurrected Jericho (Joey Wilson), his friend and fellow Titan. Revealing his treachery, Roy fought the Titans for Hire and destroyed the Methuselah Device. Before becoming Speedy, Roy was a champion athlete, most notably in archery, but also in track and field. Panicking, he ran away from the ceremony to use painkillers he stole from Doctor Mid-Nite's lab, sliding back into drug use. Wonder Girl and Starfire spend a good chunk of this episode on a stakeout, waiting for the criminal Shimmer to show up at a certain location. [11], A few weeks after their meeting, Roy and the Outlaws headed to China for some unfinished business. While Speedy, Roy designed Green Arrow's elaborate trick arrows, much to the man's frustration.[4]. Roy and his friends bound the mercenaries and leave for helicopter piloted by Oliver. It was here that Cheshire realized how much more dangerous her life as an assassin was, and she decided to give Roy full custody of Lian.

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