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samsung galaxy z fold 2 review | Bread Market Cafe

samsung galaxy z fold 2 review

samsung galaxy z fold 2 review

A 12-megapixel ultra-wide is also present. Weekly Duo call with Indiana Jones — note the "Flex Mode" rearranged UI to take advantage of being half-folded. Capacitive fingerprint sensor (side-mounted), Standard: 12MP ƒ/1.8, 1.8μm, 83-deg. There is some evidence of noise here and there, but Samsung’s HDR processing helps minimize grain in shadowy sections. In fact, I'm pretty convinced I could do my entire job from the Z Fold2 if I absolutely had to — and I'm going to try it, check back soon. But it laid the foundation, and design improvements in the later Z Flip demonstrated substantial progress. I particularly like how the two C-shaped frame elements come together to form a new spine down the middle of the device when opened. Closed the phone just acts like a chunky regular smartphone. I am by no means suggesting everyone should run out and buy one – £1,799 is far too much to spend on a phone when you can buy really good ones for under £350. The phone is still slightly wedge shaped when folded. But we get it, it is a niche device. Thankfully the phone supports rapid charging. Just something to keep in mind. It’s still really slim, but rather than cover a small 4.6-inch strip of the phone’s outer face, it now stretches 6.2 inches from edge to edge. You're not getting the very best camera you can buy, there's no IP rating, and the folding display isn't a super-durable Gorilla Glass slab. On the upside, when unfolded, it’s only 6.9mm thin, making it really sleek for a tablet. Colors are a bit oversaturated, as is the norm for a Samsung phone, but they aren’t as overboard as we’ve seen in the past. As you expect, battery longevity is not the best. The only downside is that if you switch to an app that’s full-screen you can’t just switch back to your multi-window layout, meaning you have to manually set it up again. Is it the right phone for you? I can play the full tablet version of Civilization VI on a phone that fits in my pocket. You can see it on a bright background at an angle, and you can feel it if you run your finger over it, but it's not noticeable in normal use. Alternatively, you can rely on the outer display and use the main camera lens rather than the selfie camera to take a picture of yourself. Last year's Galaxy Fold was (perhaps rightly) dragged through the mud after the snafu of its initial launch. During the 32 hours the Z Fold 2 was used on 4 and 5G for three hours, the rest on wifi. The strong hinge allows the Galaxy Z Fold 2 to sit at 75-degrees, kind of like how you’d position a laptop. The two selfie cameras aren’t quite as good. It defies expectations and makes me smile every time I open it. Oui, le poids est surprenant au début, au fil de l'utilisation, cela devient une habitude, les dimensions sont classiques, bien évidemment l'épaisseur différe, pour ces raisons une vraie poche est indispensable, pas d'étanchéité à cause de la charnière, voilà pour les contraintes. So, is it? The Z Fold 2 flew through every operation with ease. If you aren't familiar with folding phones, there are two general types: The Galaxy Z Flip or Moto Razr-style with a tall vertically folding screen and the Fold-style that have a bigger horizontally folding display. Anecdotally I think battery life is acceptable: solidly one-day, and potentially two-day depending on how hard you are on it, with somewhere around 5-6 hours of screen-on-time between the two displays (if I had to guess). The side-mounted fingerprint sensor was a bit buggy for me the first few days that I used it, but it's settled into a mostly-reliable experience — better for me than the company's ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensors, like the Note and S series have. Test du Samsung Z Fold 2 Le 16 novembre 2020. The cover display on the Galaxy Fold left a lot to be desired. Samsung did exactly what it needed to in simplifying and improving the camera experience on the Z Fold 2. This update makes the phone feel like a more complete and cohesive device. Samsung clearly offers the best big-screen multitasking experience on Android, but it can do more here to make these powerful tools accessible. This lets the person you’re photographing see a preview of the photo you’re about to take. Another point: the inner screen is plastic, flexible, and susceptible to damage when knocked - a given with all foldables.

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