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starchild escapes arranged marriage wuxiaworld | Bread Market Cafe

starchild escapes arranged marriage wuxiaworld

starchild escapes arranged marriage wuxiaworld

Their titles are "White Lotus Saintess" and "Red Lotus Saintess". They were too obsessed and eager to cross the threshold for quick success and immediate gain. Red Lotus looked at Yun Xi's location. Yet, his dreams are crushed when he is given a revelation of the stars. "Be careful, master. The first sword was a red and black demon sword. "Inhale Haaah" Though he was feeling hazy, Yun Xi still practiced Hua Huo's secret breathing technique and maintained this state as most of his body sank into the hot spring, leaving only his nose and mouth above the water's surface. Yun Xi was burying A Shen with a shovel. From her slender waist till the bottom of her stomach, her beautiful body curve finally stopped at her slim long legs. They were too close to his body. Udeze's father went into the hospital because of a stroke, so he needs to be with family right now. Some, just want the easy life. "Wait all-seeing, my Red Lotus Sword!" Chapter 26: The Twin Saintess "Ka! Her five small toes curled up together. She took over Yun Xi from her sister's hands again and began to carefully wash the little golden dog's body. Translator: Si Mei / Siew Editor: B E E P/ Avis. They were the powerful terrible warriors that Yun Xi had ever seen. "Don't move, little dog. Yun Xi couldn't even see its true shape clearly. Having experienced a deathmatch with the green hippo, Yun Xi became aware of his cultivation path advancement, as he finally started to transform himself to enter this world. *Scanning* In front of the hot spring, the elder sister Red Lotus lifted her forefinger. Within these silk threads was a kind of spirit light which made Yun Xi feel uncomfortable. The second sword was a sword blocked by innumerable chains. Even if this sword has not yet appeared, it only showed a rough outline, it had given Yun Xi the creeps. He didn't have any other choice. The dust of the stars dancing around Yun Xi began to split and interlace and finally condensed into three different weapons. It's not an easy game to feed a little dog. The beautiful nebula, the long river of stars, was revolving around Yun Xi- flowing around him. He just wanted to be a plain-old breadmaker. Hua Huo recited the oath to start the inheritance ceremony. If an ordinary person was looking at the sword, that person would go mad instantly. Only this kind of creature could make their breathing and heartbeat close to zero, but still kept their life wave soft and gentle. Without exception, they were swords, representing different rules and different nature, but they were all swords above countless possibilities. Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage_Chapter 61: Tragic Asura - Wuxiaworld. Though site is not fully finishedand it now seems we need a dedicated serverlooks like it's gonna take a bit more time. Her entire feet was so soft, it was seemed to have been made from soap. They were enchanted with various kinds of special abilities. As long as the sword was pulled out, Yun Xi would surely become a hero that could slay even dragons. According to Hua Huo, this technique was seemingly as simple as the basic Breathing Practice method. So, this was their curse, the proof of the twin saints. A spirit light scanned the area and exposed the view of the hot spring. Chapter 454: Benefactor, You are Preordained to Join Buddhism! Its power made Yun Xi feel fear from the bottom of his heart. Yun Xi had no experience in forging a G.o.d weapon. Though site is not fully finishedand it now seems we need a dedicated serverlooks like it's gonna take a bit more time. After taking off their vestments, the twin witches exposed their snow-white skin and slender, graceful bodies. Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage. Chapter 59: The Tower of Song. Forming one kind of special rhythm. Perhaps I need a sword that can improve my wisdom? Chapter 61: Tragic Asura. But before Yun Xi reached out, he felt cold all over his body, and seemed to have countless huge malicious sensations staring at the wooden sword. "Welcome, Her Highness White Lotus Saintess! Yun Xi was burying A … White mist slowly filled the air in the warm spring water as the exhausted Yun Xi collapsed in the spring, unable to even move a finger. WuxiaWorld » Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage » Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage Chapter 29. Her red blood fell down, dropping onto the Killing Princess’s battle dress. To think that between people a gap this big of a degree existed. Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband, Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet. But, new site is up, so releases are back on! That's for sure. Yun Xi continued to wait, and the dust of the stars didn't let Yun Xi down, and began to condense new swords that may be suitable for him. It should be more suitable for Hua Huo. No matter if it was the elder sister, Red Lotus, or the young sister, White Lotus, they could kill him easily like crushing an ant with a finger. READ. Chapter 315: Do You Want to Be My Disciple? Yun Xi was very satisfied with this wooden sword. Even a half-completed Breathing Practice method was so powerful and through Hua Huo's Seed, he could learn the complete edition of this Breathing Practice method. Im sorry for the hiatus guys, I needed time to recover from Flu and to make up homework. 群星之子逃婚录, Chapter 2: The Loving-Jealous Childhood Sweethear, Chapter 9: The Gatekeeper of the Dark Fores, Chapter 66: The Fight Has Yet to Begin, Already Fleeing, Chapter 94: The Black-haired Girl’s Legend. If you find any error from here, please tell us! For Yun Xi, it had opened a new door. Looking at White Lotus’s persistent eyes, Yun Xi found that she was serious. ", "Welcome, Her Highness Red Lotus Saintess!". "Let's go. "A pair of twins who are cursed by destiny" Through Mei'er's eyes, Yun Xi looked at the flying pair of saints and felt something was wrong with their bodies. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy!!!! So how would they have the opportunity to greet such a great VIP like the White Lotus Saintess? Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? He continued to remain in this state for quite a long time, even Yun Xi was unaware that the sky had darkened. Red Lotus and White Lotus. Without having experienced an actual battle by himself, Yun Xi was simply unable to imagine how fearful his childhood sweetheart Hua Huo was in the Sword Arts Realm. Ka!" Only by recalling the last three moves he used to solve the green hippo, he saw that the moves had contained a transition movement, route lines, as well as the limit use of the blade's edge. Nanomancer Reborn I've Become A Snow Girl? They were lacking something, which was the basic physical quenching that was offered through a Breathing Practice method to temper their body to perfection. In this case, even though he didn't like it, he still needed to play his role as a little dog. Their future achievement would've been worlds apart. Hello all, we are slowly getting there. Lying down in the familiar hot spring, the deathmatch struggle a moment ago reappeared in Yun Xi's mind once again. "Enough with ceremony, we are only passing through here, and will only select disciples for the Sword Palace; we don't want to enter the town and disturb the inhabitants.". The twins cursed by destiny. Chapter 3: Heavenly Dream. The left side of Red Lotus's body and the right side of White Lotus's body. It does seem that this sword is cursed by the will of the world? This sword was strong enough, but it was not suitable for him. Nobody would be able to see any remnants of the human corpseA Shenthat was buried in the place which the green hippo had fallen. Yun Xi had thought that they were holding hands; but in fact, it was just his misconception because their clothes were naturally connected together. Probably, this is the right one. Vigorous green wings that can bring endless vitality. Offline reading ( Totally a data saver! ) The white silk threads were like unmelted ice and snow, bringing cold air. “Draw your sword?” Yun Xi watched the dust of the stars around him and fell into perplexity. Flying. The red silk threads were like hot flames, filled with a fiery aura. After looking at hundreds of swords, Yun Xi still couldn't decide which one to choose. In the quiet shade, the wooden sword with a pale golden halo had an extraordinary attraction for Yun Xi. Having filled the soil, Yun Xi plugged it with several branches. His body was there, in meditation. Please send him your prayers. Who knows what material their fantastic garments were made of. Close. Yun Xi’s childhood sweetheart and the Red Lotus Holy Virgin of the twin witches were starting a fighting that was far beyond Yun Xi’s understanding. Beads of sweats were streaming down from the Mayor's bald forehead. While his whole body was immersed in the hot spring, Yun Xi unconsciously used the breathing practice technique he got from Hua Huo. Three strands of icy blue hair were upright on her … Yun Xi watched the wooden sword disappear in front of him. Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband, Perfect Secret Love The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet. If you find any error from here, please tell us! The booming sounds of metal colliding resounded at the top of the exploded Great Tower.

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