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surviveware tactical pen | Bread Market Cafe

surviveware tactical pen

surviveware tactical pen

Another thing to note here is that the Smith and Wesson logo is printed on the pen clip. It is constructed to last a lifetime and accepts Schmidt P900M Parker-style refills. Especially with a solid over the shoulder swing. While the price tag is incredibly high for a pen, the lifetime warranty and the exception construction means that you will not be let down when you need it the most. How much might a whistle cap come in handy in a survival situation? You get the fun and addicting bolt-action mechanism with an extremely elegant and low-profile bolt. That’s definitely something to consider if you’re looking for a tactical EDC pen and really want something lightweight. Mechanism: Thumb Stub. The TACPEN2-BK is refillable with Standard and Fischer space pen refills, as well as other generic space pen refills. Surprisingly, the tactical pen makes a pretty good self-defense weapon. Overall Length: 5.00 Inches This tactical pen is also compatible with Fisher Space Pen PR4 ink cartridges. Mechanism: Twist. The truth is, there are many tactical pens out there, many of them are so similar that they are almost identical, feature-wise; while others may focus on fewer features with a higher quality of construction. The Schrade SCPEN9BK is the best choice on our list when it comes to tactical self-defense devices that utilize stealth to blend in as standard writing instruments so that they can be readily deployed at a moment’s notice. Overall Weight: 1.80 Ounces The slim body of this pen is very elegant and the machining down the sides makes it look like a drill bit, albeit the most beautiful drill bit I’ve ever seen. The grip must be designed to prevent the pen from slipping in your hands when using it for self-defense. Easy to carry and a bad-ass accessory for land travels. It’s not so small that it becomes difficult to use but it’s just the size I’ve always been wanting to see in these kinds of pens. It is important to evaluate your preferences when it comes to the aggressiveness of the tac pen before you buy one. Material Construction: Anodized Aluminum The Benchmade 1100 is great for your everyday writing needs as well as providing a useful tactical tool. They are becoming more and more popular from college campuses to urban workplaces and tactical pen designers continue to add new, useful features to their latest models. Material Construction: 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum The fact of the matter is, and this is another technique similar to Krav Maga; it is very unlikely that you are going to be armed to the teeth with your AR and sidearm ready when and if someone attacks you in a dark parking lot. This tactic is also illustrated lightly in a movie. It was designed by self-defense expert James Williams to be a low-profile self-defense and survival tool. Basically and practically, tactical pen uses are: This is actually a pretty good idea: do not engage unless you really need to. Some may be good choice for writing but some have shortchanged this feature. As we dive into the reviews of some of the hottest tactical pens on the market right now, keep in mind that you must evaluate your reasons for purchasing one. At the time of publishing this article, you could still get this badass tactical weapon for Free (+ shipping). That’s why I recommend the Tactical StrikePen. In fact, in our modern world, most people are disarmed more than armed. The add of the free tactical pen and e-book First Aid Guide are a nice bonus too. And that’s why you should carry a self defense tactical pen. The Atomic Bear is one of the best values on the market today. The only reason this pen doesn’t have higher ratings is that the cap has a little bit of play. But you may wind up writing a groundbreaking novel. They are stainless steel, nothing particularly special, but the way the pen is weighted and the fact that it’s a bit larger than most pocket pens is perfect for me. This pen was developed in conjunction with law enforcement professionals to be a solid writing instrument that is rugged and can stand up to just about any abuse that the field can throw its way. Best of all, it can be refilled with Schmidt P900 Parker Style Black Ball Point Cartridges for continued use. Just like their knives, they have options for a lot of different people on both the stylish and simple side but also the more extreme aspects. The most common uses outside of writing, however, are self-defense, DNA collection, and in survival situations. The Schrade SCPENG is a low-profile, self-defense and survival-capable tactical pen that prides itself on being underestimated by those who wish to do you harm. Overall Weight: 1.6 Ounces NEW INVENTION TAKES. Often because social and political regulations forbid conventional weapons from being openly carried. My Review: Designed for military and police, the Smith and Wesson MP 2 offers a comfortable grip and great pocket clip. In the right hands, a self-defense pen can become a powerful weapon of survival, but as I mentioned earlier, without proper training, a pen is just a pen.

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