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underrated wii games

underrated wii games

[QUOTE="Gam3r29"]i think sonic unleashed is a LITTLE uderrated, considering the fact that the daytime levels are awesome.super600, Fire emblem radiant dawn.. One of my most favourite Wii game. I know its an XBOX port, but i never had an xbox, and i really loved this game! The entire game is framed with well-animated cutscenes that tie in the heroes of both universes. After being stuck in development for many years, Devil’s Third was finally released and was a major disappointment across the board. I had a blast with Onchanbara on Wii. Unfortunately, it had a smaller release and wasn’t often discussed with Super Smash Bros taking the spot for the eight-player game on the Wii U. It had some really interesting ideas and mix of styles. Here are 15 that are super underrated and 15 that stink! Gunman Clive on the 3DS proved that a solid game could be made that only costs two dollars. one of my personal favorite wii games. The game was littered with technical issues and poor controls, which led to most discarding it from their wish lists. Nintendo made a few budget titles on the Wii U that were unique concepts turned into full games. SEGA didn’t stick with Sonic Boom for very long. For the longest time I thought Elebits was a sequel/prequel to Eledees, only to realise that it was just a regional name change. Nintendo fans will be punished for not buying Trauma Team. Perhaps the worst part of the game is the combat. I love Detective Conan! Many other games were inventive and new, but didn’t get a lot of attention due to being on the Wii U. Sonic and the Secret Rings for me.God I love that game. While a short demo on the 3DS might’ve proven interesting, there isn’t much to say about Resident Evil Revelations. Up to 9 players are thrown in a series of races or matches where the first person to touch the flag or the last man standing is the winner. Game and Wario was a collection of unfinished and unimaginative minigames (save for Gamer), which culminated in a package that wasn’t worth its asking price. Shit, how I could forget The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces? The problem with Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash can be summed up like this: the Mario Tennis on the N64 had more content. It didn’t help that the game retailed for $30 when it was something that looked like a mobile game with lacking content to boot. The grand prize winner will take home the console and game. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Earth Seeker. Unfortunately, its presence on the Wii U meant that it wouldn’t be given a lot of attention. The only Kirby game to be released on the Wii U was Kirby and the Rainbow Curse, which was a successor to Kirby: Canvas Curse on the DS. Among them was Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, which took the concept introduced in Super Mario 3D World and went nuts with it. Super Mario 3D World got great ratings, but there were many that thought it wasn’t great. CRIMINALY underrated. Unfortunately, ignoring the game for that reason would undercut the excellent visuals and combat in the game. Also put yourself in her shoes (or space boots) and think, wouldn't you get emotional if you saw a clone of the exact thing that killed your parents? A sequel with M+ and Coop Multiplayer would make this game great. Best improved sequel the Wii has ever had, terrific cel shaded visuals. Being a more mature action and shooter game, a lot of people were intrigued by what it could mean for the Wii U and Nintendo as a whole. What’s worse is that there weren’t many games to choose from, which resulted in the game not even trying to hold people’s interest for long. I won't lie. Red Steel 2 is an underrated fps, even among wii titles. Which is a shame because it is one of the best games ever, no questions asked. It made sense to try and continue the franchise on the Wii U. This game is just bad. Even the fans who weren’t clamoring for a proper Animal Crossing game felt disgusted by whatever Amiibo Festival was trying to be. The game constantly chugged along with 20 frames per second at best. Where the first Epic Mickey was inventive, finding its audience among the Disney fans, Epic Mickey: The Power of Two was an unfinished mess. Start a new thread to share your experiences with like-minded people. crystal bearers was a different game for the wii only that was a single player game based around using gravity magic to throw stuff. I’d say Red Steel. In all of these threads I see about the best story this gen, I don't think I've ever seen anyone mention this game, despite being very deep, compelling and emotional, not to mention loaded with symbolism, metaphors and psychology. Even back in 2012, our Racketboy community was trying to determine which […] With that said, we’re looking at 15 of the worst Wii U games and 15 underrated gems that deserve a second chance. They made poor use of the GamePad too. I have so many questions, what makes it special? It ended up being one of the most well-designed and charming puzzle games. Also, a couple of you have mentioned Muramasa. http://www.gamespot.com/wii/action/roguetrooperquartzzonemassacre/index.html?tag=result%3Btitle%3B0. It makes great use of its aesthetic while adding some fresh mechanics to keep things interesting. Before everyone realised that Wii ports of AA games didn't sell as much as minigame collections. never ever play with motion controls. I understand that after fans seing her as being mute through out the Metriod seris that it is a real shock to see her talk, but COME ON! There were several games made by Nintendo and other companies that just weren’t good. However, their most underrated work was an exclusive on the Wii U: The Wonderful 101. All the while, the game’s background constantly changes color, which affects the environment. It’s an experience that boils down to destroying everything in your path with a tank that controls poorly. Running out of ammo is easy, and when the only other option is to knife a zombie for minimal damage, countless deaths are on the way. There is no other game you can find you can get this experience on , and it looks like there won't ever be another game like Red Steel 2 that was so physically stimulating, action packed, and motion controlled for this entire generation of gaming. I liked 'Disaster: Day of Crisis', but US gamers never saw that game as far as I'm aware. Epic Mickey 2 is that bad. ZombiU was a launch title for the Wii U and, despite the reluctance from consumers to pay any attention to it, managed to be a good game. I really wish people wouldn't post random pics of games without at least saying which game they were from. Good actions, humor and voice acting. That's underrated! It had a lot of content for being a "small" game. There are some clever levels in Sonic: Lost World, and the controls are interesting. It says a lot that Nintendo re-released it on the Switch a few years later. It was those releases that further motivated people to just stick with other consoles. (I want fragile too). Most of its various mini-games were slam dunks, being both exciting and fun. Unfortunately, the presentation behind ZombiU wasn’t enough for people to go out and buy Nintendo’s new system. Mass audiences weren’t interested in that style of game, which prompted Nintendo to port it to the 3DS. While a game like Super Mario Odyssey is clearly better, that’s not to say that Super Mario 3D World is bad. Couple that with some intense boss fights and satisfying locations, and the game ends up being one of the best in its class. The racing mechanics are fine-tuned, and transforming between three forms is just one step away from being a successor to Diddy Kong Racing. It says a lot that Mario Tennis: Aces put effort into throwing more content into it. Now that the wii is almost at the end of its life span, I want to take some time to talk about some of my favorite underrated/forgotten games for it. However, the resulting Tokyo Mirage Sessions was criticized for embracing anime tropes more than anything else.

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