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which is safer naturtint or herbatint | Bread Market Cafe

which is safer naturtint or herbatint

which is safer naturtint or herbatint

I'm also considering Naturcolor (also from vitaminshoppe.com), but it doesn't say anything about whether or not the ingredients include any PPD's etc. I'm sure that I will have to use it again on my grey's because even know I choose a darker color my grey's are still lighter than desired. • Widely Used to Prevent or Reverse Gray Hair. Had to have been the PPD in the salon dye. We spend billions on hair care - surely we deserve a good product. It is similar to Herbatint, but the color selection they have goes better with my complexion. Then, one month, the salon had no stylists...they all quit at the same time. Usually junk is heavily advertised. Sharing information here is priceless - as it gives readers more to consider and keeps information up to date! European companies have offered herbal products like Herbavita Natural Hair Coloring which offers a total haircare system like coloring, shampoo and conditioners. Because each person’s hair is unique it is impossible to predict if the color will turn out exactly like the model’s hair on the box.. "Just For Men" is the hair product that I always see advertised on TV (by those 2 sports figures Frazier and Rodriquez I think it is). My hair looks awful its grey dull & now resembles a hay stack due t the change in colour. on The hair dye gets great reviews and does a good job covering grays. I didn't realise there were so many people, like myself who are worried about the effects of dying their hair. I have found a product that should solve your problems, and I have been through the difficulties described above. I am not familiar with the name. BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on December 30, 2009: Thanks so much for writing fastfreta - you would work that gray hair and be fabulous! I have used Henna and it is great. I decided to test turmeric on my legs and it did seem to remove some hair. My natural hair color is medium brown but I dyed my hair 2-3 weeks ago to cover some gray with Clairol Natural Instincts semi-permanent and now my hair looks very dark brown and it didn't cover my gray. SORRY, Helen again re my previous comment: I meant "HERBATINT", not "Naturtint", apologies! It's in the Professional line and it's called Beautiful Browns..no PPD, no PEROXIDE, no AMMONIA. Thank you very much! I'd like to do something new and exciting to my hair - but what. I had been using henna for many years and stopped only because my grays were no longer taking the color and my hair was becoming brittle from it...had to have the henna stripped and then began using Tocco Magico and haven't looked back! March 26, 2015 at 11:14 a.m. Logona is very good and fairly non-toxic. Debby I have to get it colored about every 3 weeks to dark brown almost black color. Nov. 6, 2014 at 5:50 a.m. Where do you buy Naturcolor?Their webiste only has the color palette and a phone number (which is kind of sketchy).Google search only came up with vitaminshop.com, but that doesn't have all the colors. But even I with very little if any knowledge in chemistry can tell that they are deffinetly not. It's possible if you've colored your hair in the past with products that contained PPD, the residue left over could've have interacted with the Henna. BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on January 28, 2011: I've seen in the drugstores dyes just for men that are supposed to color mustaches and beards but I don't know how effective or toxic they are. J. Alexander I am 63 and 90% gray and color my hair to bring out more color in my face. ( Surely I can find something. April 14, 2013 at 4:30 p.m. BkCreative (author) from Brooklyn, New York City on August 28, 2011: I so agree with you. I appreciate all helpful inout. I have never tried it. The most toxic chemical it contains is cocamide DEA, a chemically-modified form of coconut oil used as a foaming agent. on It’s easy to apply, and shouldn’t cause much of a mess. I did not relate the itchiness and general discomfort to the naturtint until I stumbled upon the information regarding ppd and the like. 57 comments And I know it was so popular for so long. I am quite grey but I have had good, natural looking results from both Vegetal (made by Herbatint in Italy), although it only lasted through 3 or 4 washes, and, just recently, Hairprint , which takes more time and effort but looks as if it is going to last longer. Thanks for helping us make a more informed decision. I love it but now get a very bad headache within 24 hours. Herbatint Permanent Haircolor Gel contains proteins and eight organic herbal extracts, such as Aloe Vera, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam), Betula Alba (White Birch), Cinchona Calisaya, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), Echinacea Angustifolia, Juglans Regia (Walnut), and Rheum Palmatum (Rhubarb).

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