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who would win in a fight goku or saitama | Bread Market Cafe

who would win in a fight goku or saitama

who would win in a fight goku or saitama

Whatever the challenge is, the apprentice hero never seems to suffer any damage. No form of Naruto is even close to Super Saiyan. While Goku battles the clones, Naruto goes into Kurama mode and makes a Planetary Rasen shuriken. If Goku can destroy universes, so can Saitama, if of course the fight takes place in One Punch Man. As the Rasen Shuriken hits Goku, Goku broadens his arms advances, getting the attack easily. Goku is way better than Saitama in hand to hand combat. If the anime worlds of Dragon Ball and One Punch combined, would Goku or Saitama win in the inevitable fight? Let’s not even talk about Dragon Ball Super where several protagonists like Beerus and Goku Black will shake space-time or entire universes just by their mere presence. Till now no monster or opponent has led him to show his ultimate strength. When there are gods involved even Super Saiyan 3 can not get the job done . If Saitama is unaware of this very crucial fact, there is very little he can do to defeat Superman. Today we take a closer look at the powers and abilities of two titanic characters from the anime world: Goku from Dragon Ball and Saitama from One Punch Man. This guy can use laser vision, hypnotize people, wipe people’s memories, move humungous objects via telekinesis, and so much more. But who is stronger between them? Wikipedia, Nutrition FactsSpelt, cookedSpelt, rawSpelt, rawAmount Per 100 grams1 cup (174 g)1 cup (174 g)Calories 588, % Daily Value*Total Fat 4.2 g6%Saturated fat 0.7 g3%Polyunsaturated fat 2.2 gMonounsaturated fat 0.8 gCholesterol 0 mg0%Sodium 14 mg0%Potassium 675 mg19%Total Carbohydrate 122 g40%Dietary fiber 19 g76%Sugar 12 gProtein 25 g50%Vitamin A0%Vitamin C0%Calcium4%Iron42%Vitamin B-620%Cobalamin0%Magnesium59%. He hardly took any time at all on the way back. This is where the quid of the question is why is saitama so strong ? Basically I think saitama will win even if goku uses MUI(mastered UI) is beacuse saitama has no limits to his power where to DBZ DBS (and even GT) all those characters have a limit to their power (including jiren) Its even stated by in the dragon ball one punch crossover that saitama has no limit to his power and continues to train. He shut down Kale after she went into her Legendary Super Saiyan mode. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Dark Demon Realm Mission! He is officially recognize by Hero association Although saitama is not that popular among people compare to other heroes. Here’s to note that he is a human who attained superhuman strength and abilities. This has led us to think the “story” of the fight between Goku and Saitama will make Saitama as strong as he needs to win. If Saitama ever confronts Goku in the Dragon Ball universe,  Goku  will win and Saitama will lose. The truth is, no one can answer that question right now. Theoretically Saitama could eventually beat Goku because that's his schtick, but obviously Goku has much bigger feats and should be much stronger than what we have seen on Saitama at his peak. Experiencing a head injury at an early stage made him strip down his intention of destroying Earth and thereby defending it. 0. Only a pure and lovely heart left who knows only love nothing else. Saitama vs Goku: who would win? Goku’s stamina gives him another edge in this fight with Saitama. If that doesn’t do the trick Super Saiyan 2 will, and if that’s not effective enough, Super Saiyan 3 can kick some ass. the two strongest characters in fiction literally. Both are very popular anime with exciting characters and story. This cut the supposed unstoppable warlord in half. We havent even seen the full extent of his power. He’s such a force that he can push the story forward without any effort. Saitama is much more “op” in One Punch Man than Goku in Dragon Ball. This is probably not the answer you wanted, but in our opinion it is the most logical answer. OMG LMAO. i asked on the opm forum if saitama could beat the one above all, and azatoth and got thumbed down into oblivion, nobody could even explain why he would win, they just kept thumbing me down everytime i tried to argue why saitama would lose... this is just ridicilous. Mega punch? Base Goku can one punch One Punch Man. it feels like the opm community is filled with trolls, who got no arguments for why saitama would beat strong characters, and definantly not omnipotent characters. As we know, Goku is surrounded by the Z Fighters and allies with titanic power. To date, we do not know its limits. For those who don’t know these two, Goku, from Dragon Ball Z, is an alien known as a Saiyan who was raised on earth, and Saitama, from One-Punch Man, is a bald “hero for fun” who has become extremely bored with his ability to kill anything with a single punch.. Now, the reason why this … Maybe not on the way there but definitely on the way back.

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